When it comes to choosing footwear, people often struggle in maintaining a balance between style and comfort. But that changes with BIRKENSTOCK footwear as the brand brings you a fashionable and comfortable collection to choose from. BIRKENSTOCK’S very own unique footbed technology, the use of quality materials, and constant innovation make the brand people’s favorite choice.



Under this category, you will find a wide range of mens’ footwear and footwear for women options that can make your casual day fun and relax. Sandals for both men and women come in a wide range of color and style options to cater to different style preferences. Some of the sandal types for girls include Franca, Siena, Mayari and Vegan, etc. And, there is no dearth for mens’ sandals like Arizona Soft Footbed, Milano Soft Footbed, Medina Soft Footbed, etc.

Styling Tip:

You can wear these sandals with your jeans, t-shirt or shirt. Make sure to accessorize the look with a sling band and wristwatch or bracelet. These sandals are perfect for when you are out with your friends on summer weekends or running errands.


The beauty of BIRKENSTOCK footwear is that you will feel the comfort in every style that it offers. The shoes are designed to provide the comfort of sandals, thanks to the footbed technology. Footwear for girls and boys collection cover casual, formal, and semi-formal wear. Some of the collections for women includeSaunders, London, Arran women, and Gary. For men, the category encompasses Oswego, Jackson, Milton, and Bend, etc.

Styling Tips

Styling Tips

Women:  is perfect for a formal setting. You can wear it with your trousers and a formal shirt and jacket (optional). Keep a sleek hair-do and accessorize with a formal handbag and watch)

Men: Attending a meeting? Take your look a notch higher with Gary. Wear well-fitted pants and shirts. Complete your look with a pair of Gary and a wristwatch.

This style is perfect from Monday to Friday for office and meetings.


The BIRKENSTOCK footwear is dedicated to men to be ready for outdoor adventures. These mens’ footwear is designed to provide maximum comfort and support to easily carry out trail-based adventures. This category has a lot of collections including Tatacoa, Arizona, Atacama, etc.

Styling Tip

Styling Tip:

Tatacoa ankle-grip sandals are perfect if you are going on a small hike. Wear your shorts/pants and t-shirt and pair them with Tatacoa. Do not forget to carry accessories that are needed for your hike, like your smartwatch, torch, beanie (if it is cold), etc.


This fashion footwear is dedicated to women. There are different wheel sizes, so you can choose an option that suits you well. Wedges are great casual footwear, but there are options for formal occasions as well. Some of the collections in this style include Samira, Nora Big Buckle, Mary, and Namica, etc.

casual footwear

Styling Tips:

If you are attending a summer party, you can create a great look with Mary. Wear your summer dress or even shorts and pair it with Mary’s wedges. And for formal settings, you can pair your formal skirts or dresses with Nora Big Buckle.

The Bottom Line

The design of BIRKENSTOCK footwear is based on years of research and constant innovation. Whether it is the material used in the footwear or the technology, eventually, everything is centered on providing the customers with the most comforting experience.

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