Top Fashion Influencers to Follow on TikTok

TikTok is gradually taking over – Even though the app was launched in 2017, Gen Z are now using it. TikTok can be used with Instagram because both apps offer unique features that the others don’t.

These differences are proving to be a boon for content creators who are using them as a way to increase their coverage and content and engage their existing audience. They also gain new followers on TikTok.

You may be unsure if TikTok is worth downloading. The app allows users to create short music videos and allow them to express themselves through lip-syncing and singing.

What is the purpose of this platform for fashion and beauty influencers? Through humor and breaking down #InstagramFace barriers. TikTok is now our go-to platform for beauty tutorials, outfit inspiration, and home aesthetic. While it’s obvious that Instagram is the best platform for millennials, Gen Z uses TikTok to provide similar inspiration and support in a more interactive, fun and supportive way.

Here, is the list of top TikTok Fashion Influencers.

Loran Grey

Loran has 35.1 millions followers on TikTok. You will be mesmerized by her doll-like appearance. This is combined with her sense humor of miming movie quotes and iconic lyrics. Loren also shows her downtimes, such as an allergic reaction at Coachella, and footage of Loren after her dental surgery. This breaks down the ‘unattainable ideals.

The Navarose

Nava Rose is one among many street style accounts that are available on the app. She has mastered grassroots streetwear and her 5.4 million followers will tell you that her special effects (regarding all those transitions) are outstanding. Nava Rose can create outfits that are inspired by emojis and BTS as well as fashion trends throughout the years. She even has a take on Harry Potter fashion.

Janice Glimmer

Why Janice is worth following: Janice, the TikTok fashion blogger, draws inspiration from pop culture icons and fictional characters to create outfits. Her style videos include outfits inspired by Disney princesses, Netflix shows like Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit, and music by The Beatles, Queen, Stevie Nicks and Stevie Nicks. She even has her mom in the mix. You’ll find many fun and unique takes on classic looks if you follow her.

Zahraa B

Zahraa is most well-known for her hijab styling skills and modest outfit tutorials. Her TikTok account is all about beauty and fashion. She has 209.7k followers on TikTok. Also, she embraces motherhood by proving you don’t need to sacrifice any of these things.

Keri Fay

Keri Fay, a New York-based style influencer, is no secret that New York has influenced her #ootd. Her Instagram account is full of fashion and beauty tips and even a celeb-inspired tutorial. Fay’s videos are educational as they highlight one piece of clothing and show how to wear it in different styles. If you share a passion in footwear, then you will want to check out this TikTok star’s shoe collection.


Ellen (or EVL) is a blogger and vlogger based in Los Angeles. She covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. A Theatre Arts & Film graduate, her style is described as having a dark edge to feminine dress’. She has 8.7m TikTok followers..

Brittany Xavier

TikTok has become a family affair for Xavier, a well known influencer. She participates in fashion challenges such as blindfolding her husband to pick her outfit. Her videos also often include her 14-year old daughter. This gives her two doses of amazing outfits. The mother-daughter pair have many matchy-matchy moments, shopping hauls, as well as Xavier sharing the essential tricks that she uses to create her looks.

Taylor Hage

Hage’s account has sophisticated outfits that you can easily replicate with pieces in your closet (I know, it’s true). Hage shows you how to elevate off-duty outfits, create throwback outfits inspired from pop culture icons and television shows in just one minute. She also uses the questions of her followers as inspiration for tutorials. Follow Hage for high fashion that is both easy to digest and wearable in everyday life.

Ms. Kristine

Ms. Kristine encourages all women with curvy bodies to love their bodies. This TikTok fashion blogger draws inspiration from celebrities of different body types to create looks that are similar to those she admires. She is a strong advocate for self-love and has a playful, vibrant fashion sense.

Valeria Lipovetsky

 Lipovetsky has a wide variety of videos that cover different topics. You’ll find everything you need, whether you’re looking to learn about fitness or beauty routines. Her fashion styling tips and hauls are worth watching. It’s amazing to see her create fashion-forward outfits from her husband’s shirt, or show you no-sew tailoring techniques to make your bottoms smaller.

Isabella Morgan

Isabella Morgan is a content marketer and works at Wtv World.

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