Food Insecurity Worldwide 2021

Food insecurity is a condition in which a household lacks access to enough food and always faces the hunger issue leading to nutritional deficiencies, diseases, and death. Food insecurity can also be defined as having food for one time of the day and not having any surety of getting the next meal at all. It is a leading health and nutrition issue in America, Pakistan, Africa, and many other countries worldwide, about 50 million people are facing food insecurity in America and 851 million worldwide in 2018. Lack of consistent access to food may lead to various health concerns, we almost consider hunger and food insecurity relatable but in actual hunger is something which is someone’s own choice of eating or not in the food availability while food insecurity in the unavailability of food due to minimal income or resources. It’s a very complex problem and many people are facing this worldwide and haven’t enough resources to meet their basic needs and hence face serious nutritional deficiency illnesses.    

Food insecurity does not happen in isolation, people affected by food insecurity also face high medical expense issues, social isolation, and mental burden of being poor, house rents and health issues. Households are either considered as food secure or food insecure, but there are four levels of food security.

1.         High food security

2.         Marginal food security

3.         Low food security

4.         Very low food security

First, two can be considered food secure, while 3rd and 4th are labeled as food insecure. Pakistan is also a leading country in food insecurity. National Nutritional showed that about 36.9 percent of the total population is facing food insecurity. Tharparkar is a desert area in Pakistan also facing famine issues for the past few years leading to diseases and deaths due to malnutrition and negligence, few areas of Tharparkar receive rainfall and few areas do not get any rain due to which people face many serious issues. The population of Tharparkar is 1.5 million spread over an area of 22,000 square kilometers. 

One in nine people does not have access to enough food. Hunger and food insecurity has become the major issue worldwide even greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Governments of all the countries are trying to fight hunger and food insecurity but it’s such a big issue to be resolved within days or months, proper strategies are required to fight against it, to resolve this issue a lot more effort is required to eradicate it properly.  The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was established in 1945 by the United Nation, its aim was to eliminate food hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition. For more blogs on nutrition, you can visit the fitivate.

How do we measure food insecurity?

With all the questions and elaboration about food insecurity and big questions rising here i.e. how we can measure it. All Nonprofit Organizations rely on measurements used by USDA annually. Every year they conduct a survey based on 18 questions (there are only 10 questions and an 8 additional questions for families with children) responded by tens of thousands of households which is added onto the census. Different questions ranging from less severe (we worried we run out of food before getting more money to buy more food) to more severe (do you or any of your family members ever remain hungry for a whole day for not having enough money to buy food?). Households are either considered food secure or food insecure, but there are four levels of food security. High food security, Marginal food security, Low food security, Very low food security. Households are considered to have low food security if they reported experiencing 3 or more indicators of food insecurity and households are considered to have very low food security they are experiencing 3 indicators and not eating as much as they should.

World Bank

Rural development and investment in agriculture to increase food production and nutrition is the basic priority of the World Bank. They work with the partners to ensure an increase in food production and supply so that they can feed everyone everywhere, every day. They are using smarter climate techniques, breeding more production-giving crops, etc. to fight hunger and food insecurity.

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