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Full Body Massage Benefits to Make You Happy and Healthy

Massage is used as a treatment to get rid of various kinds of physical and mental illnesses to make you happy and healthy again. Body massages are good for health and aid in the healing process to get better fast. Body massage includes kneading, rolling, pressing, warming, and stroking of muscles and skin. The body seems to be in the full relaxation phase but it goes through full activation during the full body massage. The nervous system activates, circulation becomes faster and better, muscles wake up, glands and organs activate, and trigger the cells to release hormones and chemicals to calm down the body.

Full body massages benefit you in a way that you start feeling relaxed and motivated. People are going through a lot of stress these days due to workload and race of being better than the rest. This is making them tired both mentally and physically and affecting their relationships as well. One of the best and immediate body massage benefits is our body relaxes down immediately with the feeling of stress going away.

Types of body massage

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Four hand massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Myofascial massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Hot stone massage
  • pregnancy massage

Body massage benefits

So many people out there think that it’s just an hour thing, but they are not aware of the benefit they can get just in an hour. It makes you happy and healthy and makes you look physically healthy with the boost in mental health. You can be surprised by the benefits you can get just after one session.

1.      Healthy and glowing skin

An average individual sheds almost 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells every minute. I know it’s a bit strange fact but it happens. Have you ever felt that you are glowing after a massage? Because you do, when a therapist-run hands on your body it helps in getting rid of stubborn dead cells from your skin. After dead skin cells removal, your skin starts glowing and looks fresh. Using a moisturizer or any other essential oil after that adds more beauty to your skin along with other benefits.

2.      Better blood circulation

When a therapist runs hands on your body it facilitates blood circulation making blood flow better. Blood contains all the vital nutrients and oxygen that our body required, better blood circulation better will be the absorption of these nutrients.

3.      Toxins removal

The lymphatic system helps in removing the toxins from your body. No pumping system can force lymphatic fluid to move, it moves when we move. When we do stretching or move our body, muscles exert pressure on our lymph nodes forcing the fluid to move through the lymphatic system.

Getting a massage do the same thing to our body, the therapist exerts pressure on muscles, pushing fluid through the system helping in getting rid of toxins from our body giving you a refreshing, happy, and healthy feeling.

4.      Immunity booster

Feeling sick? A good excuse to get a body massage, not only toxins that move through the lymphatic system but white blood cells and other soldiers of the immune system also moves through your body improving the overall function of the immune system.

5.      Improves heart health

We know our heart does not stop working in any condition, but it does not at all that it does not need rest. Full body massage benefits the heart and the entire cardiovascular system giving it a rest from the stressful environment.

6.      Relaxed nervous system

When you relax, your entire nervous system enters a mode known as ‘’rest and digest’’. If you feel pain and stress in any part of your body it could be the result of pressure on nerves which is caused by tight muscles. A massage is the best way to get rid of this condition relaxing your mood making your body happy and healthy.

7.      Musculoskeletal benefits

Our muscles are like a sponge. When they contract, blood and other lymph fluid come out of it but when they relax blood enters in it containing the fresh nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells making them healthy. The therapist also uses a wide range of motion and stretching to mobilize joints to place required beneficial tension on tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

8.      Improved breathing

Your therapist may also ask you to take a deep breath at the start of the full body massage. Unrestricted breathing is one of the fastest roads to lower stress, and your first breath at the massage table might also emerge as a sigh of relief.  In addition to the diaphragm, there are muscles in your ribs, chest, and neck that assist respiration.


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