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How alcohol is harmful for us and how to quit it permanently?

Barbecue with friends, a picnic, a pool party and a party until the early hours of the morning at the bar – this is what most summer weekends and holidays usually look like. Despite the pleasant emotions that these events create, abundant and harmful food, as well as the large amount of alcohol inhibit the body. Its use should always be careful because it easily leads to abuse and addiction. In addition to headaches and dizziness, overdosing on alcohol leads to the intake of large amounts of calories and toxins. Detox is then not just desirable, but necessary.

How does alcohol harm us?

Alcohol is extremely difficult to break down in the blood and liver, which has a negative effect on health, disrupting almost all important systems in the body. The more alcohol you consume, the more lasting its negative effect. It is also harmful to the heart and blood vessels, significantly increasing the risk of heart attack, and the most serious complication of excessive consumption is cirrhosis.

The short-term consequences of alcohol abuse are sleep disorders, memory and weight loss, forgetfulness, sweating, stomach problems, tremors, and the long-term to high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer and others. In women, it has a negative effect by reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

What harmful substances are in alcohol?

The controversy over the harms and benefits of alcohol has probably been around for a long time. An indisputable and proven fact is the beneficial effect of alcohol on the body when it is in moderation and is not consumed too often.

Equally indisputable, however, is the fact of the harmful substances it contains. For example, monosodium glutamate, propylene glycol, calcium disodium EDTA and high fructose corn syrup can be found in beer. You probably don’t know any of them, but it has been proven that most of these ingredients have a significant negative impact on human health. Herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals are associated with wine, with which the grapes themselves are treated and may have remained in the production of wine. The same is true of hard alcohols, where toxins come from the grain or fruit from which they are made.

What is alcohol detoxification?

In fact, alcohol detoxification is the first step in the treatment of alcoholism. During this period, alcohol consumption is completely stopped and the body is cleared of the amount accumulated in it. Symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol include nervousness, tremors, anxiety, and mood swings, and gradually decrease within a week or two after alcohol detoxification has begun. It is important to keep in mind that detoxification is only the first step if you have a problem with alcohol. The detoxification process usually takes 7 to 10 days, while treatment lasts 30 to 45 days.

Quitting alcohol alone is not an easy task, you can’t control your urges to drink. In order to say no to alcohol permanently, you will require the assistance of professionals. DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai is the best place with professional experts to help you with leaving alcohol permanently with their rehabilitation.

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