Whether you believe it or not, but the cough is actually a good thing and it is a way of clearing your airways in response to an irritant.

Sometimes a cough can also keep you up all night and this makes you generally miserable and most of the time it feels like the cough is never going to go away.

So, if you are struggling with how, you can get rid of cough then here in this article, we have provided some of the home remedies for cough.

It has been seen that most of the coughs can get clear up without having any treatment. Also, there are various natural remedies for treating coughing problems and all have proven benefits.

In this article, we have defined the best ways of How to treat a cough at home:

1: Honey:

As we all know that honey is the best home remedy for treating cough and it can even treat cough problems and provide other health benefits. As per some studies, honey is very effective in treating cough as compared to any other drug.

Honey is enriched in anti-oxidants, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties and it can help in soothing a sore throat. Also, it is very effective for people of all age groups. But you should remember that honey should never be given to babies under 1 year and it may also lead to infant botulism.

You can also create your remedy at home by mixing up to 2 teaspoons of honey with herbal tea or water and lemon. There is no doubt, that honey contains soothing properties whereas lemon juice can help you with congestion. Else, you can also eat the honey with some break or some snack.

2: Turmeric:

Do you know that Turmeric contains curcumin, and it is a compound that contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties? Turmeric is also beneficial for several conditions, including dry cough.

Curcumin is best absorbed into the bloodstream when it is taken with black pepper. All you just need to add 1 teaspoon of turmeric and half a spoon of black pepper into a beverage such as cold orange juice and you can also make it a warm tea and add it into it.

Turmeric has also been used to treat upper respiratory conditions, bronchitis, and asthma-related problems. You can also get turmeric into some spice form or as well as capsule.

3: Ginger:

Ginger contains both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it has also been shown to boost the immune system and thus relieve pain as well as discomfort.

It can be found in many teas as an ingredient and you can also make ginger tea from the ginger root by stepping it peeled and when you add honey then it will be more beneficial for dry cough. Moreover, you can also take ginger in capsule form or chew ginger root in order to alleviate dry cough.

4: Peppermint:

Peppermint contains the properties of menthol and it helps to dazed the nerve settings in the throat that sometimes become irritated by coughing. It also provides you pain relief and helps in minimizing the urge to cough.

Peppermint also helps in reducing congestion and it has been found that it contains anti-bacterial and antiviral qualities. Also, there are several ways to take peppermint and these include drinking peppermint tea.

You can try drinking peppermint tea before bed to help and alleviate the nighttime coughs. Besides, you can also use peppermint essential oil as an aromatherapy treatment.

5: Bromelain:

The fruit pineapple contains an enzyme i.e. called Bromelain and it is considered an effective treatment for cough. Several studies show the enzyme Bromelain can help to suppress coughs and helps loosen the mucus in your throat.

Pineapple helps in relieving sinusitis and allergy bases sinus issues that often lead to coughing. It also helps to treat inflammation and swelling.

So, whenever you are suffering from a cough then you need to eat a slice of pineapple or you can also drink 250 ml of fresh pineapple juice two times a day. Thus, you need to make sure that both your fruit and juice are not cold as it can also increase irritation.

6: Saltwater Gargle:

Gargling is usually a home remedy that most doctors might recommend to ease a sore throat. Do you know that saltwater is Osmotic and this simply means that it can change the direction of the fluid movement?

Also, it will help in soothing the itchy throat and minimize the mucus i.e. been build up either in the lungs or nasal passage. It also helps in reducing swelling as well as irritation.

Remember that this remedy is not for younger children as they will not be able to gargle properly and this will end swallowing the alkaline water. You just need to mix ¼ teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and then gargle it multiple times a day in order to get instant relief.

7: Steam:

The simplest way of How to get rid of cough fast is taking steam. When a person takes steam then the warm air gets adds to the moisture of the air and this may help in easing coughing and congestion due to cold.

You can make use of some humidifier or take the steam from a hot bowl of water then you need to take a bowl of hot water and add essential oils like in it.

Now, lean over the bowl and then place a towel over the head and after that, you can start inhaling the vapors for at least 5 minutes and do not forget to drink a glass of water once you are completed with the steam process and in this way, you will make yourself cool and also get prevented from dehydration.

Conclusion: In the above article, we have covered the best methods for treating coughing problems. You can try these methods at your home easily and get rid of this problem. All these methods are safe to try and one can also get assured that by using these methods your cough gets away.

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