Have you been considering using a comprehensive tool for your practice? Using a tool that can manage all aspects can be extremely beneficial. It allows you to manage all of your tasks from one place. This can avoid issues like lags and non-integrations. Therefore, EMR and practice management that is integrated can be a huge benefit to practices.

This is where the role of Office Ally Practice Mate comes in. The software is an integrated system that can cover clinical care, practice management, and a clearinghouse. This is why, during this software review, we will be exploring how the tools can be used together. Let’s get started by getting a rundown of what each software has to offer.

About Office Ally Practice Mate

When you’re using Office Ally, one of the core benefits of the software is a clearinghouse. This is a tool that lets you simplify the process of sending out claims in an effective way. Instead of creating claims and printing them out on paper, you can make them online and save them to a file. The software is automated to help you out during the entire process.

EHR 24/7 is Office Ally’s EHR module, which is evaluated at around $30 per month per provider. The vendor offers their Clearinghouse for free to users of Practice Mate EHR. Clients can submit claims electronically to over 5000 payers, appreciate decreased denials as a result of automatic claim scrubbing before submission, and tracking each claim’s position.

When you use Office Ally, the files you create are sent to the software, and it is then processed. This is a preemptive measure that allows the software to scrub the claim. What this means is that the claims are checked to make sure that there are no errors. The rejected claims can be reviewed, and accepted claims can then be sent out for approval.

Additionally, you can also use Practice Mate. This is a practice management software that is completely free to use. Practice Mate helps automate the administrative tasks that take place at your practice. It can also be integrated with an EHR from the same provider. While this can be done at an added cost it is a great way to integrate all your tools in one place.

You can use Practice Mate with no contracts signed. The software setup includes a free setup and training offer, which is extremely useful during your implementation process. You can also use the software to manage all kinds of office details. This includes reports, eligibility checks, and much, much more.

Using Office Ally Practice Mate Together

An electronic medical record is software that can take the place of traditional paper charts. Using integration, you can connect patient records with other software to make the process easier. This can be an extremely beneficial process because of a number of outcomes. You get to manage the benefits all in one place while reducing overall costs.

For one, this helps you get access to files easily. For example, if you need access to patient records in order to manage the practice, you don’t need to travel to get files. When the EMR is integrated, you also get to use the records as you manage the practice effectively. This helps you cut down on the time that can be dedicated to patient care.

Integrating software is also helpful when it comes to maintaining data. It is easier to find trends, analyze information, and create reports. How are you as an office manager, going to manage data about claims if they are on different platforms? The work can be done but it will be painstakingly slow, and can seriously impact how you work.

Documentation is made so much easier when you use an integrated platform. The fact of the matter is that you will have more time to check up on coding and make sure it conforms to given regulations. You also have the ability to reference codes with all of the procedures carried out at the practice. This makes managing coding and documentation much easier.

When using EMR in conjunction with integrated software you also get to make cost-effective decisions. This can be a huge benefit for practices that can then redirect their revenue to the growth of the practice. You have more time to dedicate to patients and are cutting down on the costs of running the practice anyway. You also get to file claims and get reimbursed.

Office Ally Practice Mate Demo

Have you been considering seeing how Office Ally products compare when you see them in person? In that case, a way to figure things out is to check and see if there is a demo available. You can request a demo from Office Ally to see how the products work in real-time settings. You can also use this opportunity to ask questions about the software.

Office Ally Practice Mate Prices

The Office Ally Practice Mate prices are considered to be extremely affordable and appropriate for smaller practices. The practice management software is completely free, and an EHR can be added for the cost of $30 a month. For more information on other tools offered, such as the clearinghouse, you can reach out to the vendor for a direct quote.

Should I Get Office Ally Practice Mate?

If you are interested in what you’ve seen so far regarding Office Ally Practice Mate, the question is, what should you do next? Now, in order to learn more about the software, the first thing that we recommend is doing your research. You can read through existing Office Ally Practice Mate reviews to get a better idea of its capabilities.

In addition to this, make a list of features you like in general. You can then compare this list to features offered by the software. The more it matches up, the more likely you are to have a product that is beneficial to your practice. You know your practice best, and so you are the best person to make a decision about the software used.

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