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Next Gen EMR; You need to know about Features, Reviews and More!

About NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR is a software which has been around for 50 years at this point. What started out as a dental software has now transformed into an all around medical software which caters to the needs of thousands of practices across North America. In this piece, we will be telling you about the various features of this software to perhaps help you decide whether or not this software is the right choice for you and your medical practice.

Some Features in NextGen EMR

E-Prescription for your Ease

The e-prescription feature in NextGen EMR allows you to make sure you are making things as convenient on both ends. This feature lets you make virtual prescriptions so that patients can directly pick them up from whatever pharmacy is convenient for them. This cuts down on the time they might spend getting their prescriptions as well as allow you to make safer prescriptions too. This is because the feature will warn you about any unwanted drug interactions. All in all, this feature is a great one to have in a software.

Cloud Based and Convenient!

Another great thing about NextGen EMR software happens to be that it is completely cloud based. This means you do not have to worry about access to the software because you can essentially access it from anywhere. The software can be accessed from a web app or a mobile app from any handheld device. This allows you to use the software on the go which essentially brings more mobility to you and your practice. All of this helps make your work a lot easier!

Helpful User Interface

The user interface in any software is important. Similarly, for a medical EHR software it has to be user friendly too. You cannot have software which has a bad interface and makes it impossible for you to use. With NextGen EMR you can be assured of a user friendly interface which you can get used to in no time at all. This feature helps you make things easier for yourself at your practice as you can navigate the software easily and not face any issues.


Lab Integration and Ease

Another feature worth mentioning for NextGen EMR software is the lab integration feature. This feature allows you to easily order tests for your patients through the software itself. Your patient can then simply turn up and the lab is already aware about what tests they have to conduct. Once the test results are out, the lab is able to send them directly to you so you can check them and make a better and more accurate clinical diagnosis. This feature will definitely allow you to be a better clinician overall.

Patient Charting Made Simple

Patient charting is half the job essentially. Good patient charts not only enable you to make a better diagnosis but also help you to make better treatment plans. The charting feature in this software allows you to make charting a lot simpler. Instead of charting taking half of an appointment with your patient, it now takes half as much time! All in all, this software really helps to cut down on time it takes for you to do tasks!

NextGen Software Reviews

As for NextGen EMR reviews, the software is well liked by users. The software has a 3.5 stars rating or more in most reviews available for it on various websites. The majority of reviews talk about the software being helpful in terms of the various features it has.

All in all, there seems to be quite a high level of user satisfaction for the software. We highly recommend that you go and read as many reviews for the software as possible to be able to get a decent idea about it!

Should You Invest in NextGen

If you are wondering whether we suggest you invest in NextGen EMR then we can perhaps help you come to your own decision since we cannot recommend a software unless we know the specifics of your practice and its situation.

We recommend reading in detail about all the features in this software. This will help you decide whether or not the software will cater to your needs as a medical practice and hence enable you to come to a better decision.

We also suggest that you read detailed reviews, as we suggested earlier. NextGen EMR reviews will give you an idea about user satisfaction and whether it is well suited to a practice’s needs will help you get an idea about how it might work for you too!

At the end of the day, we suggest coming to your own conclusions. Hopefully, by the end of the day you will be able to come to the right conclusion about whether a software is right for you!

Some Features in NextGen EMR

E-Prescription for your Ease

The e-prescription feature allows you to simplify the prescription process by taking it all online. This feature helps make things easier for your patients as well since they can directly go to the pharmacy instead of having to come to your practice to grab a prescription first.

Cloud Based and Convenient!

NextGen EMR is cloud based which allows you to access the software from anywhere in the world. This helps make things easier in terms of access since you can access your work files on the go!

Helpful User Interface

The user interface in NextGen EMR Software is very user friendly. This helps you use the software with ease since you can switch from one thing to the next without any issues. The interface allows for reduction in your learning curve since the software is so easy to use because of it!

Lab Integration and Ease

The lab integration feature in Next Gen EMR software is a wonderful one. This feature allows you to order lab tests directly from the lab for your patient. You get the results directly to your software and can thus make better clinical diagnosis and treatment plans.

Patient Charting Made Simple

The patient charting feature in Next Gen EMR allows you to make things a lot easier for everyone involved. This feature helps you chart patient data in half the time it took before which allows you to free up your time considerably.


NextGen Software Reviews

As far as EMR reviews count, the Next Gen EMR reviews you will find on most websites are quite decent. The software has 3.5 stars average rating on most websites which shows that a lot of users seem to have a positive experience with it.


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