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Summer skin care routine in 5 steps:All the details

In the summer, we can’t wait to finally spend as much time outdoors or on the waterfront as possible, but it’s important not to forget about careful body care. In addition to strong UV radiation, our skin also needs to be protected from dehydration, so it is important to develop a detailed summer skin care routine and sun protection to suit your skin type. Each body part requires unique care, so we’ve put together 5 simple steps on how to keep your skin velvety soft from head to toe even during the summer heat.

Young woman in straw hat with glowing facial skin

Skin specialist in Islamabad says that perform summer facial care with light moisturizing products
In summer, the skin is more exposed to sweating and strong sunshine, which mainly affects and strains the face. For summer facials, choose oil-free facial cleansers, light moisturizers and makeup products that protect you from drying out without clogging your pores or forming a thick, shiny film on your skin. Also, be sure to exfoliate regularly to remove dead epithelial cells, keep pores clean, and fade pigment spots caused by sunlight.

Use very gentle physical exfoliators on your face, such as a sugar-based exfoliator, or chemical exfoliating acids (AHA, BHA) appropriate for your skin type to avoid skin irritation. The use of broad-spectrum sunscreens in addition to peeling is practically mandatory , and is recommended for everyday use in summer to prevent skin aging caused by sunlight. Don’t forget your lips, so always have an SPF filter lip balm or lipstick on you. You can protect your eyes with quality, UV- filtered sunglasses , which will also be a fashionable accessory for your summer sets.

Protect your hair from dehydration and UV rays

Our head is constantly exposed to strong sunlight in the summer, which easily dries out the hair , causing the hairs to become fragmented and the dyed strands to fade . Therefore, it is important that the focus of summer hair care is to hydrate the hair and scalp , supplemented with adequate sun protection. In the summer months, you should wash your hair with water that is as cool as possible because it dries less. In addition to the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, it is also good to use a nourishing hair wrap ( hair mask) once a week .

In addition, after bathing in wet hair, you can massage a hazelnut hair oil , which keeps your hair supple and hydrated. If you can, do not use a hair dryer during the warmer months . Although the scalp gets oily faster in the summer, instead of washing your hair too often, maintain your hair follicles with a dry shampoo . You can protect the color of your dyed hair with UV hair care products or sunscreen spray, and a fashionable hat or scarf provides excellent protection even against sunburn . Not only the sun, but also the chlorinated water and salt water of the pool can damage your hair, so don’t forget to get enough hydration after swimming .

Develop a multi-step summer body care routine

Bathe in cool water in summer

While a hot bath is truly relaxing for the soul, it can easily dry out your skin and even lead to eczema, especially in the summer heat. Cold water has a firming effect, stimulates blood circulation and tightens pores, which will not only make you feel more alive, but also give your skin a fresher and more radiant effect. However, it is not tempting for everyone to shower in constantly cold water, so in summer try bathing and washing your face in lukewarm or cooler water and then using a moisturizer or body butter to get moisture out of your skin.

Exfoliate your body regularly

Just as it is important when scrubbing your face to remove dirt and dead skin cells , just as it is important to care for the rest of your body. This will help keep your skin evenly smooth and radiant . There are several ways to exfoliate the body: you can use a body scrub , cleansing sponge or massage gloves . You can also use a body brush on dry skin, which is a milder yet effective exfoliating method. To get the best results while exfoliating your body and face, it is also important to use a good moisturizer and body lotion. Exfoliate usually 1-2 times a week , but if you have oily skin type, you can do it more often.

Use summer body care products to suit your skin type after showering

Excessive, strong sun exposure can cause both short- and long-term damage to your skin, which can lead to premature aging, pigment spots, eczema, and other allergies . Therefore, a useful tip (in addition to applying sunscreen) is to always supplement your summer skin hydration with a range of body care products to suit your skin type . If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to buy hypoallergenic products , for example , but you can also choose products for dry skin or anti-aging products . It is best to apply the cream on the still slightly moist skin after showering. In this case, the pores are still open and nutrients are more easily absorbed.

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Apply sunscreen before you leave home

Summer sunbeams are important for our health because they are essential for vitamin D production . Different skin types and age groups react differently to the sun: the older we get, the more sensitive we are to radiation, for example. In addition, it is important to differentiate between sunscreen for the face and the rest of the body, as each has different needs: the facial skin is finer and more exposed to direct light , while the rest of the body is usually thicker and less exposed to direct sunlight due to clothing.

Here are some tips to help protect your skin in the summer:

Avoid direct sunlight during the busiest hours , between 11am and 3pm
If possible, protect your skin with light clothing, sunglasses and a hat or cap
Use sunscreen that suits your skin type and needs and then apply it regularly throughout the day
Keep in mind that harmful radiation can reach not only in direct sunlight, but even on cloudy, cloudy days
Prepare your feet for summer
In the summer heat, we often wear skirts, shorts and open sandals, so pay close attention to summer foot care . There are some simple tricks on how to keep your legs and feet smooth and hydrated:

Remove dead epithelial cells

Regular removal of dead skin cells is important to maintain healthy skin . You can do this in a variety of ways in the shower, such as with a rubbing glove, brush, or exfoliator , which you can easily make even a few spoons of sugar and coconut oil at home . Regular exfoliation can also prevent the formation of ingrown hairs , which is one of the unpleasant concomitants of hair removal.

Always use a razor after peeling

If you use a hand razor to remove hairs, a few tips can help you shave precisely and safely. Shower thoroughly first and always use a body scrub before shaving . This will make your skin moist and perfectly smooth. Use your favorite shower gel or special shaving gel , the point is to keep your skin dry, otherwise you can cut yourself more easily. It is important to change the razor head frequently , as these can easily cause bacteria to multiply, which can cause inflammation.

Also, keep your nails and feet clean

Whether you like nail polish or not, it’s crucial for a sophisticated look to make your nails look well- groomed – both on your hands and feet. If your nails are weak, you can take special nail strengthening products, and you can take care of the softness of your feet at home in a few steps , even without the help of a pedicurist.

Girl fills herself with water from a water jug

Make sure your skin is hydrated internally
In addition to proper sun protection and skin care, a healthy, balanced diet also contributes to summer radiance . The body is made up of about 60% fluid – so this is one of the main factors in maintaining hydration in the heat. The amount of fluid you consume per day also depends on your body weight, temperature, and your physical activity . Men are advised to consume about 3.7 liters of fluid, while women are recommended to consume about 2.7 liters. For optimal hydration, drink fluids in the form of water or tea and avoid sugary and alcoholic beverages. If you’re on the road during the day, take a bottle or thermos with you that you can easily refill anywhere.

In addition, a vitamin-rich, nutritious diet also supports healthy skin and well-being . Depending on the degree of physical activity and lifestyle, it is recommended to strive for a harmonious balance of vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and fiber . Avoid over-consumption of processed products and choose whole foods instead. In addition, vitamins C and E, which nourish the skin and the immune system in particular , vitamin C is found in foods such as citrus fruits, blueberries, broccoli and kiwi, while vitamin E is found in foods such as the almonds, peanuts, avocado and pine nuts.


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