It’s high time you stop taking push-ups as a punishment. When taken seriously, they are a wonderful strength-building exercise. They target your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Push-ups exceed the benefits of running. The secret of this exercise is that it engages your whole body.

Are you ready to transform your body? Try this 30 days push-up challenge that involves creating 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps.  Here is how your weeks will look like:

Week 1
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Seated triceps pushups Inverted pushup Rest Scorpion pushup Hollow body rock Plan Hover Lower to the bottom of the pushup and long as long as you can
Week 2
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Quad Set drill Plank banded


Rest Plank up-down Beast Hold Forearm press-up Perform as many pushups as you can with your feet elevated
Week 3
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Seated Triceps Pushups Inverted pushup Rest Scorpion pushup Hollow body rock Plank Hover Perform as many pushups you can with one leg lifted
Week 4
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Quad Set drill Plank banded


Rest Plank up-down Beast Hold Forearm press-up Add a clap between pushups
Week 5
Monday Tuesday
Seated Triceps Pushups Inverted Pushup


If you are completely focusing on this challenge, then you don’t have to perform any other strength workout during these 30 days.

On the other hand, if you are doing this challenge in addition to the regular total body strength training, then you can do the minimum which is 3 sets of 8 reps. For your overall health fitness and health, you can also do some cardio a few times each week.

Getting Started with the Challenge

You will be following the schedule mentioned above. There is a bonus challenge on Sundays of each week. Before kicking it off, it’s recommended to test how many push-ups you can perform. It’s also important that you know how the basic pushup is done. Things might seem heavy but after one week, you will feel stronger and even more capable

Performing a Perfect Pushup

Follow these steps to get your basics right:

  • Form a high plan position. This is done by opening your feet wider than your hips width when apart.
  • Keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists to keep your wrist joints and shoulders from stress.
  • You must keep your ribs in and your core engaged. The bottom must be tucked under for maintaining alignment and protecting the lower back.
  • When you lower yourself down, point your elbows 45 degrees away from the body. You must be looking at the front of your hands.
  • Push into your hand and press yourself back as you move upwards. However, while doing so, maintain your shape and alignment.

Go Easy on Yourself

On your rest days, feel free your strength train your body areas. If you are new to pushups, it’s ok if you perform them with your knees resting on the floor because initially, keeping the legs straight can be difficult. However, this is true too that unless you performing pushup on your toes without keeping your legs straight, you won’t ever get them right.

Therefore, keep on doing as many reps as you can with your knees lifted. Lower them when your arms start to fatigue. You can also rest your arms in between. As you move to the second week and then the third week, you will build up strength and endurance. You will realize that you no longer rely on your knees. You might as well don’t need to rest much.

The purpose of including variations in pushups is to ensure that you don’t lose momentum or get tired of following the same routine again and again. In the beginning, you can also ask one of your friends to join you and help you ace your push-up game. Or you can start this challenge with a friend and motivate each other along the way!


Once you complete this 30 days challenge, you will feel pumped up. These pushups together will tone your whole body and prepare it for other exercises that involve pushing and pulling like bench press or pull-ups.

You will feel stronger from head to toe and your muscles will tone up like never before. Don’t neglect your body after you have completed the challenge. Keep on following body care tips and continue the essential strength training exercises to stay fit and healthy.

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