2019-20 has been enough of COVID-19 and its impact on the world’s economy. When coronavirus landed in Wuhan, scientists started screaming out that the vaccine cannot be made for it. Hundreds of deaths in a few days had panicked the whole world. COVID spread like a wildfire in the jungle. Nobody was safe. People were frightened of each other. But in this period, laboratories played a vital role in corona testing.

This is true that corona spread rapidly. There were 17% of people getting infected per hour in the world. At first, there were no testing kits and proper arrangements for patients. With time, labs developed new techniques for corona testing. Some laboratories offered same-day testing and results. The world has finally accepted the newcomer and started living with it. But the game was something else behind the scenes.

Here are some hidden stories and myths behind Coronavirus. Keep reading with me.

Coronavirus- The New Business Strategy

Since the coronavirus has landed, we all started believing whatever WHO said. But did anyone of us try to discover the actual facts?

World Health Organization is a well-known agency of the United Nations. WHO handles all the international health decisions to be taken. But the suspects are that WHO is playing games behind the curtain.

In 2005, swine flu got viral. WHO announced strict precautions for everyone to take. Swine influenza is also known as H1N1. The news spread that it is contagious and killing people. But indeed it was not fatal at all. Only 12 people reported swine flu in the United States from 2005-2009. But the information coming from the WHO was a business strategy plan. WHO has a big lobby with international pharmaceutical companies. These companies give 50% of the funds to WHO.

Fake news of swine flu was not more than a rumor. The international pharmaceutical companies sold out their masks, medicines, and other curing products. This was all a business increment plan by WHO. In return, they might have got a good commission on the name of funds.

We can expect COVID to be a business strategy. A possibility is that selling masks, oxygen, corona testing kits, and medicines is a strategy.

Is Corona Vaccine A New Danger To Humans?

BBC News reported a fake vaccine case on the channel. It says that all the corona vaccines are fake. Anti-vaccine campaigners have shared a report that claims the fake needles have disappeared.

A few video clips have also gone viral. One of them showed a nurse in Alabama who got a corona vaccine 15 minutes before her interview. During her interview, she fell down and died on the spot. Another video clip of a politician got viral who is posing for her vaccine. But the needle was covered with a cap. And the news got viral that she got a fake vaccine. Indeed it was a vaccine shoot.

A lot of fake reports about vaccines have been on the air. But nobody knows the truth. Big channels and industries are playing their own house of cards. Life and death have become a business for industries. There are two options left for getting a vaccine. Either to die with corona and get no vaccine or to die with a vaccine. It is a new danger for everyone.

Vaccines Get Your Test Positive

Many people have reported that they got positive tests after getting a vaccine. According to UC Davis Health Newsroom, this is not possible to get coronavirus from the vaccine. Blumberg said that there is no active part of the virus in the vaccine. But people have reported getting coronavirus after vaccination.

Laboratories are doing same day testing. But the results are ambiguous. The two current methods of corona testing are PCR and antigen tests. It is not possible to build virus antigens in the body. But in any other test, if you get test positive, that means your body is making antibodies against the virus. This is a good sign of corona cure.

But the point is that if we trust then trust to whom? 90% of the world is unaware of the reality of vaccines. There have been so many cases of deaths and cures that everything seems a myth now.

Magic Syringes

Reports claim that the coronavirus vaccine has disappearing syringes. The statement is unclear. We can either predict that the syringe goes into the body and does not come out. Or maybe there is no syringe and the vaccine is fake. But who knows that the corona vaccine is also a business strategy?

Vaccine Is A Myth

There is no confirmation if the corona vaccine exists or not. Big channels and industries give fake information. A few channels prove the news fake to get ratings. But some health organizations have confirmed that the vaccine is real. And it cures people.

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