A temporary staffing agency deals with companies that require staff for a short or long time. Temp services allow the company to hire employees temporarily, seasonally, or for a part-time job.

Professional Temp Staffing agencies help job seekers by placing them in short or long-term contracts with different organizations and industries. Similarly, the staffing agencies also help the companies find staff with specialized skills to work on a project temporarily. Typically, companies seek additional staff to ease the job and increase the speed of work and hire temporary employees.

What is the Work of a Temp Staffing Agency?

A temp staffing agency finds, interviews, and locates the employees who need jobs into different companies. The job can be extended or short-term, and if you are looking for a first corporate job or need a temporary position to update your resume, you should contact a temp staffing agency.

The professional temp staffing agency is different from the HR department of the company. The temp agency hires and fires the employees, and the contracting company that needs the employees’ do not have to pay or provide benefits to the temporary workers.

The client company agrees with the temp staffing agency and talks about the number of employees required. After that, the temp company decides the hourly wage of the employees. Even if the employee faces any problem while working with the client company, he will negotiate with the temp agency.

Similarly, if the client is not happy with the employee’s performance, they must communicate with the temp company as they cannot terminate the employment of the temp company.

The temp staffing agency is responsible for the employees, whether full-time employees, part-time employees, or seasonal employees. The temp agency provides them with benefits, tax status, and meets their other requirements.

What is the Recruitment procedure of a Temp Staffing Agency?

The typical recruitment procedure of a temp staffing agency is mentioned here, and it can be different for different staffing agencies.

If you want a job, the first step is resume submission. Whether the resume is for a current opening or a general submission, the recruiter will review the information. After scanning, they will analyze whether the information given is accurate. The next step is to examine whether you are a good fit for specific job placement.

If you have good skills and the company needs your assistance, the temp staffing agency will contact you to schedule your interview. The recruiter will ask you about yourself and get an understanding of your basic skills. The recruiter will also ask you questions like your goals for the future and what opportunities you are seeking. Similarly, the question of a full-time and a part-time job is essential, and the recruiter will ask it.

Another good thing about temp staffing agencies is that they provide immediate feedback and give you tips to polish your resume. The feedback you receive is based on the way you answer the questions.

What are the Benefits of Temp Agency?

When you apply to an organization, your resume goes into an extensive database full of other applications like yours. This does not seem very encouraging. At the same time, the benefit of using a temp agency is that they take your resume directly to the hiring manager. In this way, using the temp agency services, you skip the database and resume piles and receive feedback about your application on time.

A staffing agency acts as your advocate and helps you in every situation. It places the employee right in front of the managers and helps them get success. Moreover, the recruiters help the employees refine their resumes and coach them about the interview style. The temp agency shows that they have a particular interest in employee’s success through all these steps.

Some benefits of a temp agency that it provides to both the client and employees are as follows.

The advantages temp staffing agency provides to its clients are as follow:

  • The professional temp staffing agency handles all the hiring and firing procedures of employees. In addition, they perform drug tests and do a background check on the employees. Similarly, finding the skills of the employees is also the duty of the temp staffing agency.
  • If the temp staffing agency is of large scale, it will be able to provide with the staff even at the last minute.
  • As the temp staffing agency hires the employees, it takes pressure from the company’s professional HR department.
  • Usually, the temp staffing agencies charge less cost than the traditional recruiting agencies.

The advantages temp staffing agencies provide to employees are as follow:

  • The temp staffing agency offers free training for skill development to work efficiently in the industry.
  • Temp staffing services offer full-time, part-time, and seasonal scheduling options to the employees.
  • They provide jobs that match the skills of the employees.
  • They have flexible scheduling options
  • All the placements are free for the employees and job seekers.

Is There Any Fee that Temp Staffing Agency Charges?

The professional temp staffing agencies do not charge any fee from the employees seeking a job. The temp staffing agencies earn by the contract with the client company based on the contractor’s number of working hours.

Does the temp staffing Agency Help you in Getting the Job?

If a job comes that best fits your skills, then a recruiter will help you understand the position and ask whether you are comfortable with the job. Moreover, the recruiter will present your resume to the manager and highlight your skills and noteworthy accomplishments.

After looking at the credentials, the manager must decide whether to hire you based on your skills, accomplishments, and type of job. Suppose they want to hire you. You will get an interview with the manager, and after the interview, the recruiter will get your and the hiring manager’s feedback.

After selecting the staffing agency’s last step, discuss the pay rate with you and complete the necessary paperwork.

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Anna Silvia is a recruiter at a temporary staffing agency who provides some fantastic tips on polishing your resume and preparing for the interview through her blogs.


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