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Yoga Alliance: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

The art of teaching yoga is a noble pursuit that demands a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and determination. However, what would happen if you dive straight into things without thinking or planning anything? Does that sound scary? Well, it is. So, it is always important to plan and structure things before actually starting the process. To teach yoga, you need a yoga certification. Not just any certification but the Yoga Alliance certification.

Now that the air has been cleared about the certification you need, let’s have a deeper understanding of the Yoga Alliance. Then, you should know which type of yoga certifications are available for various yoga practitioners. Furthermore, you must know why is it so much important to have the Yoga Alliance certification only. Read on.

Yoga Alliance: A Brief Introduction

The Yoga Alliance is a regulatory body based in the US. It has a registry of yoga instructors and yoga schools registered with the Yoga Alliance. Furthermore, it is responsible for the distribution of genuine, authentic, and true yoga across the globe.

The major benefit of the Yoga Alliance is that it works towards the well-being of yoga practitioners. Students who wish to earn yoga certifications should enroll in a yoga school. However, if the school is registered with the Yoga Alliance, you can rest assured to have all the minimum facilities to have the best experience.

Importance of Yoga Alliance

Let’s understand why you should join a Yoga Alliance certification course.

  • Access to Yoga Material

When you enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification course, you get access to diversified yoga material. It includes various yoga books, ancient manuscripts, and scrolls dealing with yoga knowledge.

You also learn the perfect form to practice various yoga poses. Having the right knowledge is important when you want to know things in more detail. Furthermore, you need to have clarity of the basics as well as advanced knowledge of yoga. Only then you can teach it to others.

  • Become a Part of Bigger Community

Being social beings, humans tend to live in groups or communities. Similarly, by having a yoga certification with the Yoga Alliance, you become a member of the larger yoga community. It helps you have a network of people with similar goals to yours.

Also, being a part of the larger community, you get to share ideas. Participating in various brainstorming sessions gives birth to new sets of thinking patterns. You get a different perspective in life about common issues.

  • Worldwide Authentication

The best thing about joins the Yoga Alliance is that you get worldwide authentication. It ensures your certification does not become null void once you step out of a particular locality. In fact, the Yoga Alliance certification is much more preferred in comparison to any other certifications.

With the ability to preach and teach yoga in any part of the world, you get the opportunity to explore different parts of the world. It builds your personality, helps you face new challenges in life, and improves your portfolio.

  • Genuine Clients

You cannot ignore the fact that not everyone who is curious to know about yoga practice will turn into a client. Rather, some just want to inquire to enhance their knowledge. Moreover, some people just change their minds once they find out the amount of dedication they need to become a yoga teacher.

However, the Yoga Alliance offers a great deal of help in the case of having genuine clientele. You get access to the list of people who are genuinely interested in learning, practicing, and adopting a yogic lifestyle.

  • Brand Endorsements

By joining a Yoga Alliance certification course, you get the opportunity to endorse various brands. For instance, yoga apparel has a huge market and they are always in need of yoga masters who can perfectly present their brand.

Having a certification makes you credible enough to have brand endorsements. Not just that, helps you to get in touch with various dimensions in sync with the yoga community.

  • Higher Visibility

How would anyone know if you are a certified yoga instructor? Well, that wouldn’t happen if you do not market yourself. That is where the Yoga Alliance helps you. You get listed in the online directory which is accessible to yoga practitioners from across the globe.

Hence, you gain better visibility across the web to have more students coming your way to learning yoga.

Different Yoga Training Courses In India

As per different levels of yoga practitioners, there are various types of Yoga Alliance certification courses. Let’s have a look at each course one by one. Read on.

200 Hour YTT Certification

Beginner or newbie yoga practitioners can start their yoga journey with the Yoga Alliance with a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. 200 hour YTT course is a beginner-level certification course that clears your basics of yoga.

300 Hour YTT Certification

As your knowledge, experience, and practice deepen, you should also upgrade your certification. For that, you should join a 300 hour YTT course. It deepens the yoga knowledge that you grabbed in the 200 Hour YTT certification course.

500 Hour YTT Certification

To take your yoga knowledge to the highest level, a 500 hour YTT certification works the best. It is a combination of 200 hour and 300 hour YTT courses. Moreover, a 500 hour YTT certification course ensures your yoga training enters the spiritual realm.

How to Earn Yoga Alliance Certification

To earn a Yoga Alliance certification, you need to follow a fairly easy process. Check that out so that you don’t get confused.

  • Choose a perfect location as per your preference
  • Check a Yoga Alliance registered school
  • Choose a relevant yoga teacher training course
  • Select a yoga form
  • Complete your yoga training course
  • Apply for the Yoga Alliance certification

Wrap Up

Practicing yoga ensures you remain physically and mentally sound. Moreover, with a perfect balance in your life, you can teach yoga with more power and enthusiasm. Hence, the Yoga Alliance certification gives you the confidence and knowledge to become a master in no time.

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