Do you often find yourself turning and tossing sides while you try to catch up on a slumber? Well, various studies indicate that more than a third of Indians are more likely to suffer from a spell of severe insomnia, which is a condition in which a person cannot fall or stay asleep.

The good part is that there are few humble yoga techniques that can help you in regulating your slumber patterns. Yoga doesn’t need to be an energetic, blood-pumping exercise; it can be soothing and still be helpful. In fact, most yoga practices done at home are quite subtle and minute changes can bring by the poses to your body. 

Taking few minutes out before you hit the bed, preparing yourself and your body for slumber is important before you unwind ahead of a hectic day. If you would wish to sit and gather a sense of calm prior to going off the bed, you could always relax with a rejuvenating meditation practice. 

You try below mentioned simple tricks that can help you sleep simply with yoga posture that will get you into a routine and facilitate you to peacefully say goodbye to the day.

Here are few yoga asanas you must try to get rid of insomnia 

  1. Standing Forward Bend (Uttan asana)

Alongside facilitating to get rid of headaches and insomnia, this yoga pose is also very advantageous for lowering anxiety levels. These poses are performed while you stand with 6 inches apart and fold the chest to the ground, reach the floor surface or just bend the arms and clutching opposite hand to opposed elbow. Alongside offering relief in headaches and insomnia, it has proven to be advantageous for lowering anxiety levels. 

While you perform this yoga asana, you must try and to sway little side to side and just inhale. You must bend your knees as much as required to lessen the strains if any. Gradually, the tension in the hips and legs will start releasing. 

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  1. Plow Pose (Halasana)

All you need to do is just lie down on your back and gently lift your legs above your head and then to the flat surface behind you. While you perform this activity your hands must either be on your back for support or on the floor. By turning around the flow of the blood, it brings freshness into your body. It is recommended that you should stay in the plow pose for at least about 1-5 min that will help you in falling asleep. 

  1. Cat stretch (Marjariasana): 

Car stretch is an exceptional stretch which is helpful in making your spine supple. It also gently rubs the digestive organs also recovers the process of digestion, hence, providing healthy sleep. Moreover, it also helps in the advancement of blood circulation and soothing mind. 

  1. Child Pose (Shish asana)

This is one of the most calming stretch for the back, this pose also aids in calming the nervous system hence provides sleeping peacefully. 

  1. Legs up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

This simple yet effective pose is performed with the help of a wall, it offers evening relaxation and relief from the ingrown anxiety. For best results, you should be staying in the same pose for at least 5 minutes, with the use of a calming pillow and eyes being shut if required. 

The moment you flip your legs upwards, it will enable your blood to rush back to your heart. This yoga pose has quite a calming quality. 

  1. Corpse Pose (Sava Sana)

 Through corpse pose, you can easily get yourself into a humble healthy night sleep, concentrating all your attention on the body and inhalation, hence letting go off all the worries. 

If you stay focused and conscious, if you take away your attention from the situation leading distress and anxiety, you’ll be able to sleep properly. 

  1. Reclining Butterfly (Supta Buddha Kona Sana)

There is nothing fussy about this pose, it’s just a variation in the basic butterfly pose and it can assist the body to get into the rest mode. You just need to lie down straight on your back, you should lie on either on your bed or mat, and you should gather your feet together and spread the knees in a diamond pose. 

This must be followed by bringing one hand to your heart and the other to your stomach. You must inhale deeply observing the inhalation move in and out of the body. 

If you’re not able to sleep even after following all these asanas, you should book a home sleep test to know more about your situation, you can also get to know about the treatment required,

If you have sleep deprivation, you must embrace a few yoga asanas to get rid of this problem.

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