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Certified Yoga Teacher Training in India For Beginners

Nothing can match the aura and environment that you get in India when it comes to yoga training. That is the reason yoga practitioners from across the world find India a perfect yoga destination. Without a trip to India, you might not be able to comprehend the true meaning of yoga practice. With that said, it becomes clear why every practitioner should enroll in yoga teacher training in India.

Let’s first understand what does yoga teacher training includes. Then, you can hop on further to get an idea about different aspects of yoga teacher training in India. Read on.

What is Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training concerns teaching every aspect of yoga to facilitate students practice and teach it to others. Hence, yoga courses are designed and structured in such a way that you also learn how to teach yoga.

Thus, from enhancing your skills of yoga to mastering teaching skills, yoga teacher training courses deal with everything.

What Makes YTT in India Different?

When you look at yoga practice in western countries, they are more focused on the physical asanas. Hence, it has become more of an exercise rather than a lifestyle or practice to get in touch with yourself.

However, in India, yoga has a completely different significance. It moves beyond the realm of physical asanas. You get in-depth knowledge of meditation practice, detoxification techniques, Pranayama exercises to enhance your prana shakti, and a sneak peek into the spiritual realm.

Therefore, yoga teacher training in India is more deep, pure, and authentic as compared to its branches in other countries. Another reason could be that yoga took birth in India. Hence, people here are in closer connection with yoga practice and its other vital applications in everyday life.

Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

There are different yoga courses available as per the difficulty level. Let’s explore them a bit to have a better understanding.

200 Hour YTT

A perfect yoga teacher training course for extreme beginners, 200 hour YTT is an entry-level yoga course. It helps you get your first step into the yoga world with utmost easiness. Furthermore, 200 hour YTT teaches you the basics of yoga. For instance, you learn about basic yoga poses, meditation practices, human body anatomy, body alignment, deep breathing techniques, and much more.

300 Hour YTT

For people having little experience at yoga practice, a 300 hour YTT course is the best. It takes your yoga practice one step ahead into the deep waters. Therefore, you get acquainted with advanced yoga skills to master complex yoga poses. Moreover, 300 hour YTT helps you become a certified yoga teacher.

500 Hour YTT

Do you want to reach the pinnacle of your yoga career? Well, 500 hour yoga teacher training is the best course for you. Enrolling and completing this course not just makes you the master of yoga but also ensures you get a taste of the spiritual world. That means to say the 500 hour YTT course takes yoga practice from the physical realm into the spiritual world. Hence, with the completion of this course, you become a learned scholar in the art of yoga.

How to Choose the Best Yoga School?

India is a vast country, therefore, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best yoga teacher training in India. If that is what you feel, don’t worry. Read the following guide to know how to choose the best yoga programs without any hassle. Roll on.

Check Yoga Certification

Before finalizing any yoga teacher training course, make sure you check its certification. Hence, choose only the Yoga Alliance certified programs. It not only ensures you learn true yoga but also offers worldwide validity of your yoga course.

Finalize the Location

Location plays a vital role in creating a perfect aura for your yoga teacher training in India. However, it might be a little confusing for you to choose the best location. Hence, decide whether you want to head on to a beach, mountains, riverbank, forests, or a tourist spot. Just remember that you should choose a serene and peaceful environment for your yoga teacher training in India.

Search For Registered Yoga School

Once you have decided the place, now comes the most important part of your yoga journey. Choose a registered yoga school. It is going to be your sole companion from registration till the completion of your yoga course. However, make sure your chosen school is registered with the Yoga Alliance. That ensures all the minimum requirements are fulfilled for the best yoga experience.

Explore Yoga Forms

Forms or styles of yoga are crucial in fulfilling your defined goals in life. For instance, there are Vinyasa & Ashtanga yoga for intense yoga practice, Ying & Restorative yoga for slow yoga practice, Vipassana & Kundalini yoga for spiritual enlightenment. Hence, depending on your goal, you should choose a yoga form for practice after thinking wisely.

Availability of Yoga Material

The availability of yoga material also enhances the quality of your practice. Yoga material consists of yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, books, scrolls, and much more. The Yoga Alliance is responsible for the availability of yoga material to yoga practitioners. Hence, it is important you choose a registered yoga school only.

Accommodation & Food

A place to stay and eat is also necessary when you think about enrolling in a yoga teacher training in India. Therefore, you should choose a yoga school that offers clean rooms to stay in after your classes are over for the day. Moreover, make sure you know what you’ll be eating and how many time a day. That will help you plan your stay accordingly.


Every type of yoga teacher training school is available at your disposal. From expensive resorts to free yoga ashrams, different types of yoga schools meet the needs of diverse yoga practitioners. However, if you truly wish to experience the yoga lifestyle, make sure you choose a budget-friendly yoga school.

Wrap Up

Yoga teacher training in India opens door to a whole another dimension of yoga. Just make sure you keep your goal in mind to have the best yoga experience. Moreover, never skip yoga classes as different yoga courses have different requirements you need to fulfill to qualify for the yoga certification. Hence, balance your on-mat and off-mat life to become a certified yoga teacher in the least possible time.


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