when we talk about decorating our homes, Indoor plants are the major assets for beautifying home. Ever since we were born, we had a roof on our heads. We had a safe place to live in. We had a room, whether big or small. We always had it to protect ourselves from the outer world and the adverse conditions of the outside world, be it those of weather or those of societal situations. No doubt, our houses are precious to us as we live in them. We have grown in them, and we look forward to spending our lives in our house. That is the reason we keep on finding ways of decorating our house and making it stronger and more beautiful both for ourselves and for the people who visit our house. There exist numerous ways that can help to add beauty to our house or to give it a complete makeover and make it look different and fresh. Giving a new color to the house, adding a piece of new furniture, or new curtains, all of these can be effective in changing the look of a house yet another way of making our houses look more attractive is that of decorating it with plants. Here is a list of some gorgeous indoor plants that can change the appearance of your house by their presence. You can look for these indoor plants online and get them delivered to your house.

Fiddle leaf fig

The overwhelming popularity of Ficus Ali is known to all. The fiddle leaf fig is a popular house plant that is picked by everyone due to its magnificent look. Besides being pretty, it also performs the function of purifying the air and removing harmful substances from it. Thus, making it easier for a person to breathe. Also, these plants do not require a lot of maintenance and can easily be brought into your house and placed at a location that you would like to put the plant at. Good care of the plant will result in it becoming tall and will make it more attractive.

Swiss cheese plant

The Swiss cheese plant is a popular pick for people who love variety or uniqueness in whatever they do. If you want to pick something really unique. If you want to choose a plant for your house that is different from the one that others choose, you must go for a sweet cheese plant as its leaves are different from those of others, they are huge, glossy, and leathery. The heart-shaped leaves provide a magnificent look to the plants. Owing to their huge and indifferent leaves, the plant is also popular as the monstera deliciosa.

Jade plant

Another popular pick for people who love to bring plants indoors is the Crassula Ovata. You can Buy jade plants online and add this popular houseplant to your collection. This plant also witnesses the blooming of pink and white little flowers. It has thick branches and shiny leaves which are smooth to touch. It is a variety of shrub that grows upright. People often associate this plant with good fortunes and relate it with the arrival of wealth. Jade plants require a lot of sun and water for their growth. This little plant is a nice option to add beauty to your house.

The snake plant

How can one ever forget the popular snake plant when talking about indoor plants? The Sansevieria trifasciata is a popular member of the Lily family. People choose this plant because of the tremendous health benefits associated with it. The snake plant works as a natural air purifier that removes harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. It does not require a fixed watering schedule. Also, the beauty of the leaves and branches catches everybody’s attention. It is interesting to know that some people also call it the mother-in-law’s tongue.

Indoor plants shopping online is a nice idea to save yourself from the effort of going places and searching for a perfect plant. Instead of walking into different plant shops or nurseries, you can easily look at the menu of any online portal and order what you find pleasing, and receive your delivery in a shorter duration. For the Interior Designing of your home in Dubai, you can reach out Salis Designs.

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