5 Beautiful Feature Wall Ideas for Your New Born’s Room

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings, and if you are expecting – congratulations!

In another case, if you are decorating a baby nursery for your friend or sister, congratulations to you too! While many people think decorating a nursery is easy as the baby is too small to notice, it is not correct. Designing a nursery requires utmost attention as you have to be careful about minor details like the wall patterns and the area to fit the cot and other furniture. Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai believe that adding a feature wall to your newborn’s room provides a focal point.

What to consider while designing the feature wall?

Designing a feature wall becomes very convenient when you are aware of the elements to focus on. Out of everything else, three features that are the base of creating a feature wall in your baby’s room are:


The first thing is to decide on the theme and the color you want to paint the nursery in. Selecting a color for a newborn’s room is more complicated as you have to keep in mind the effect on the baby’s mental growth at such a young age. People commonly opt for light colors for a bright, eye-pleasing look of the nursery.


The next question you need to ask yourself is, “Should I add a pattern to the feature wall?” Having a plain wall might not be the best idea, and it is always better to add another element to your feature wall. Stripes, chevron, or a wall mural can be a nice addition.


The final touch is adding accents and decorative elements to the feature walls. It can be anything you like and look good on the wall in a newborn’s room. It can be frames, quotes, signs, or some pretty lights.

Feature wall ideas for your baby’s room

Scandi interior

The Scandinavian interior is a name of gorgeous, subtle designs that feel gorgeous to the eyes. One of the most popular Scandi interior designs is going all white. You can opt for the same in your baby’s room and go all white. To add a different feature in the room, place some rose-gold accents on the feature wall.

Lines are fine

When designing any room, you can never go wrong with lines. Straight lines are an excellent way to broaden or make your room seem bigger. Chevron designs also never go out of trend and go with all colors perfectly. Go for vertical or horizontal lines, or opt for chevron; we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Go abstract

If you dislike lines, go for abstract patterns instead. Painting a wall mural or applying wallpaper might accomplish the task while also making the area look lovely and current. Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai provide a diverse range of styles and prints for your newborn’s nursery. Choose from a gorgeous Indian mythical image to tiny fruits and a family portrait!

Add quotes

If you love a quote and want to add that to the nursery wall, do it! We understand that your baby or toddler would not understand the quote. Yet, with time they will appreciate it, and it will reflect your values to them. 

Go bright

No, we are not talking of the paint here, as all kinds of colors are suitable for a newborn’s room. The day of pink and blue are gone, and now parents are moving to all white, lilac, apple green, light yellow, and other such colors. If you are going for a white room with one feature wall, adding a neon sign can instantly lift the room’s mood. It can act as a night light too. Buy one with your favorite quotation or cute blue clouds to be a part of your baby’s room.

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Exotic Interior Studio and other Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai suggest going for any color you like regardless of gender. Add elements to attract the baby and provides a calm environment. Plain walls, lines, geometric patterns, lights, and neon signs are among the top choices to make your newborn’s nursery subtle and pretty.


Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science, travel, outdoor adventure, Interior if you are looking for a vendor for Home renovation for your product do not worry, as Exotic Interior Studio will provide you the best Interior services at extremely affordable rates.



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