Image Of Clock In The Interior: From Ancient Times To The Present Day

Clock In The Interior

The clock in the Interior saw the light more than three hundred years ago, and since then, humanity has not been prepared to envision life without them. But we must recognize that we are increasingly using other gadgets to determine the time, for example, screens of phones, tablets, fitness bracelets, and so on. But because of this, watches for the interior are do not cease to be in demand. The more they perform only decorative.

Watch history

People used sundial and hourglass in ancient times. But the exact time of the creation of the accessory with the dial is unknown. It is believed that the Arabs invented them – a confirmed unknown use of a dial with Arabic numerals until now. And, by the way, a historically proven fact, for which there is documentary evidence. It was a gift presented by the Arab Caliph to Charlemagne – a device with a clock mechanism familiar to us.

For the first time, internal clocks began to be used back in the Renaissance, when these mechanisms began to be used in architecture, decorating the buildings of many European capitals.

Since the 17th century, Europeans have been the first to keep track of time. Galileo Galilei contributed significantly to this – it was with him that the clock began to show exactly the time. Eventually, the habit of counting time spread around the world. At the same time, a real watch boom began – aristocrats began to use it and ordinary it to keep track of time and as decoration. Over time, many models emerged, expensive, decorated with precious stones and simple, uncomplicated chronometers.

Wristwatches with a chain inside – pictures of such accessories appeared quite later. Carelessly sticking out of wardrobes or hanging on a side chain, or a nobleman in rich clothes against the clock’s background-those people’s illustrations indicate how important people were to this invention.

The “English mechanism” became familiar in Russia thanks to its developer – Peter I. He brought them to our country and then began the widespread fashion for watches. They were collected, paid for goods, passed on by inheritance. By the way, if we did not for this tradition, we probably wouldn’t be holding antique mechanisms in our hands, and even nowadays, you can find authentic old watches inside the modern decor.

What kind of dial is there?

At one time in Russia, a sign said you should not present a watch as a gift. But now, the empty superstitions are subsiding in the background. The watch has become an excellent gift for a housewarming party, a wedding, and just for a birthday.

Of course, we’re not talking shabby alarm clocks, but a large clock inside the living room is very stylish. And if you consider that such a mechanism is costly, then it is not embarrassing to give them.

But what can show off in a watch? Dialing, of course. New designers control to perform their works of different art drawing ideas. What are dials?

  • With Arabic numerals.
  • In Roman designations.
  • In strokes that replace numbers.
  • With a phantom dial with no signs.
  • In the bitmap – a dashing, but dots replace the latter.
  • Using the electronic dial.

A popular version of a wall clock in the interior, when the hands are mounted directly on the wall, and the dial itself is absent. Sometimes such a mechanism is so integrated into the surrounding interior that, it seems, the hands will stop, and no one will notice the watch.

A costly watch will not be sad and pompous about its price. Conversely, they are usually moderate mechanisms with some “fun” and accurate timing.

Roman numerals are often used in antique watches, sometimes extending to the middle and seemingly upside down. Today this design technique is used by handmade masters, that is, handmade.

Types of watches

Many variations are used to decorate places:

  • Often, such clocks are used in the interior as a decoration, no matter if they show the time. A prerequisite for such watches is a unique look. They are often used to convey some hidden meaning, for example, about the passage of time. The primary function of such devices is interior decoration. Quite an ordinary watch, on the dial on which some date is fixed, for example, the first child’s birth, can be attributed to the same category.
  • The most functional internal clock. They often serve as an alarm clock. But if the style is expressed in some strictly defined theme, then the clock table should be in harmony with the interior.
  • The wall is hanging. The category of watches in which the most extensive selection is presented. On sale, there are wall mechanisms of various types – in the form of a toy for a nursery, in the form of kitchen utensils. The most popular wall clocks that came to us from our grandmothers were cuckoo devices. They can still be found on sale today, and they are still smiling.
  • These watches can only find in the offices of reputable companies. To join such a device at home is very expensive. But at the moment the most famous watch. People went to crimes to seize them. They smuggled because such devices did not make in our country.
  • It was also more popular in the Middle Ages than today. Tablecloth watches can also find either in offices or in wealthy homes described in style as the Middle Ages. And those lucky enough to keep an old tablecloth watch use it as interior decoration even without a fireplace.

Clock inside

The features of using such an accessory depending on where exactly you want to place it:

  • A large clock is often used inside a living room, “noisy,” possibly with sound. For a modern home, devices made of lightweight, delicate materials, possibly handmade, are ideal. The material can be anything, but it should incorporate into the overall style of the room.
  • The classics of the genre are quiet time in a strict style. Its main advantage is accuracy. A good solution is a mechanism with a case made of stone, for example, marble or malachite.
  • Kitchen Desired from washable materials with an attractive, perhaps even “appetizing” design. This is possible with a built-in timer.
  • Dining tables. Better in the form of fruit or some other kitchen utensil, such as a barrel of honey. Preferably in calm colors.
  • Quietly running clock, you can table.
  • Here fantasies can play – naughty, funny, bright, and colorful, in the form of animals or technology – whatever your heart desires. But they should be able to access the child and not have an intense fight.


Now, clocks inside are more of a decoration than a functional item. But it has never been more popular with them. I want to believe that they will not go out of fashion in the long run, and we will be pleased with their constant tickle.


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