Have A Look At Some Of The Most Trending Cushion Ideas For Your Patio

Cushions provide comfort to your back while sitting on a sofa or a chair. Not just that, but cushions also add to the aesthetics of your furniture. If you see that the cushions kept on the sofa and chairs of your patio need to be upgraded then go for it, but before you do that make sure the set of cushions you choose meets your comfort requirements and goes with the texture of your furniture. Shop4patio is here to provide you quality cushions. The comfort depends upon the fillings and materials inside which could be feathers, foam, polyester, hollow-fill fiber, and batting. So, before you choose one for yourself go through the article below to find everything about cushions

What are the types of cushions for your patio?

There are different types of cushions with different fillings. These fillings provide support to the head, neck, back while sitting and resting.

Chair cushions 

A chair cushion provides support to the hips and spine and improves posture, circulation and reduces discomfort. It includes polyester and memory foam. You can sit on hard surfaces for longer periods of time with this. 

Bench cushions

Bench cushions are stain and water-resistant and are versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use. They are filled with batting, memory foam, and gel. 

Window seat cushions 

Window seat cushions are made with a modest layer of padding. You can put it in front of the window and enjoy the fresh breeze with music, coffee, or a book in hand.

Wicker furniture cushions

Wicker furniture with a seat cushion makes it more comfortable for your butt, hips, and entire body to relax nicely.

Every cushion is filled with different materials and fillings which are as follows:-

Cushion fillings and materials 

These fillings make sure to meet the comfort levels of all the buyers, but you might also have your personal preferences. The details below will clarify which one will suit you. 


Foam filling includes the use of polyurethane combined with other elements. Foam is generally cut into small pieces and added to the cushion for more softness. It is durable, strong, and retains its shape. 


Feather fillings are soft and more comfortable. You can add or remove feathers as per your comfort levels. The more the feathers the more your efforts in clumping them together. 

Hollow-fill fiber 

If you nap regularly in the afternoon, then these cushions are for you. They are soft, provide head support, and are perfect for lying down. The fun fact is when you wake up you will see your imprint on it. 


Polyester cushions are relatively cheaper and denser in quantities. The fillings inside are soft and durable that does not flatten easily. This category has three types: ply- a limp that does not bounce back. Faux down- soft and great for feather-allergic people and cluster polyester with tiny fireballs inside. 


This provides insulation and is made using wool, cotton, and polyester. The filling inside is tough and is only suitable for spring. 

Once you figure out which cushions best meets your preferences, do not miss out on cushion covers. The cushions covers are as follows

Synthetic fabrics –

Many cushion covers come with a combination of synthetic and natural fibers that incur a low cost. The use of polyester, cotton, satin, and nylon is more which makes it durable and washable.

Sensitive skins –

If somebody in your house has sensitive skin, then it is recommended to go for silk, cotton, and wool covert to avoid any kind of silk problems.

Natural fabrics-

These covers are made of either 100% cotton, wool, silk which makes them durable from inside and beautiful from outside. The only effort you need to put on is specialist cleaning to maintain its quality.

Now you are clear about the specialties of the cushion and its covers. So, before buying defines your purpose be it decorations or relaxation, and make a purchase accordingly.


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