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Best Website to Learn About Digital Marketing

Which is the best website to learn about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is currently the hot favorite amongst all aspirants, be it younger graduates, or homemakers who wish to restart their careers, or even professionals belonging to some other job profiles, even other than marketing.

Digital marketing is one such field that wouldn’t take much of your time and also wouldn’t require you to have a specific educational qualification in any particular stream, like marketing or relevant.

All you need to become a digital marketing professional is:

  • A completed bachelor’s degree from any education stream such as Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Architecture, etc.
  • A good Internet connection as most of the things are handled over the majority of digital platforms
  • A good device, of course, to help you learn or earn from the subject and work on it

Having said that, if you are even considering opening your own business, you must have a certain knowledge of digital marketing, as, without any online presence, your business would be considered non-existent, which, of course, you do not want.

Learning Digital marketing

Well, this is certainly one of the easiest topics to learn; however, it requires you to input a lot of effort to keep up with everything new and upcoming, such as technologies, trends in the overall marketplace, etc.

Since digital marketing is a highly evolving field, it is constantly updating by the currently trending technologies.

Even you as an aspirant are required to know what is currently happening around you to stay relevant and even help your clients or businesses stay ahead of everybody else in the market by being their first and being more relevant.

Currently, if you see, people are more interested in trying out new stuff and new digital platforms and not much apprehensive about it as earlier.

Thus, you have to tap which all digital platforms your audience likes to spend more time on and specifically target your audience there, albeit with the right content.

Everything beyond this means the digital marketing process, such as SEO, SMM, Content marketing strategy, affiliate, email, mobile, etc. Everything needs proper training, without which it would be difficult for you to get a hangover thing in this field.

Requirements for a career in digital marketing

With that being said, you cannot simply thrive in the industry based on having some knowledge of the subject.

You might need to have a great profile that would attract your customers and even your recruiters to hire you for the job.

And to do so, again, you might have to have a look around what is currently trending in terms of the requirements in this field.

According to my research and study on this topic, I would say there are many things that you need to consider before you start learning the topic.

These things include building up your skill sets, acquiring certain important certifications, and then working upon your knowledge and becoming an expert in this field.

The skills sets that you need to work on are:

  • Communication skills
  • Inquisitive nature
  • Innovative mindset
  • Creativity
  • Business skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • A constant learning approach since this field is highly evolving all the time, etc.

The certifications that you need to acquire are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords, and many more Google itself
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Content Marketing, etc.

Now, a word here about the part of the certifications!

The digital marketing certifications mentioned above are extremely difficult to crack on without any knowledge of the subject.

These highly reputed and valuable certifications require you to have a great hold on your knowledge of the subject and even be an expert in the same with some hands-on experience.

As a fresher in this field, I understand that gaining hands-on experience is quite difficult these days.

And so, I would suggest you start with your knowledge acquisition phase the right way without waiting any further.

The learning phase and the process involved.

Well, from my experience in this field, I would highly recommend you start reading extensively about the topic yourself, from all the possible available and accessible means.

And these resources would mean online or offline.

Offline, you could probably start reading and gaining some information from the books on digital marketing.

However, I wouldn’t recommend reading from books, as the topic is itself a highly volatile and evolving one, and books cannot be updated from time to time.

And hence, referring to online resources is the best thing you could do.

These online resources include websites, blogs, online articles, YouTube video tutorials, etc. Some of my personal favorites I have mentioned below:

  • Hubspot
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Digital Wolves Blogs

You can also refer to YouTube channels by Harsh Agrawal, Neil Patel, etc., which are very useful to acquire the latest knowledge and news on the industry’s current trends.

They would also teach you how to create your blog or website and how to implement your knowledge of digital marketing practically.

This process is necessary, as you get to learn so much about the subject yourself and get to know your weaknesses and problems and doubts where you get stuck.

Connecting with like-minded digital marketers or aspirants

It is also very important that you connect with the right people from this industry to help you with problems or doubt resolution. You can try LinkedIn, and other community forums and Facebook groups, etc., to do so.

However, do not expect an immediate resolution to your problem right away.

And therefore, actually joining an institute after your self-learning process becomes a necessity in reality.

Here, I would highly recommend you want to learn and need any digital marketing related services Contact Digital Wolves.


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