Why lead generation with Facebook is so important

The use of platforms such as Facebook, the largest network on the planet, allows for something essential for lead generation: segmentation. Whether in the creation of campaigns, or the dissemination of organic content, the fact is that the platform allows you to deal with an audience that fits the characteristics defined for your persona.

Why should you consider Facebook for lead generation?

There is a recurring question in elaborating any marketing strategy: which channels should be used? In the days leading up to the digital transformation, it was necessary to consider, for example, whether the target audience was in the habit of reading the newspapers or magazines chosen to display the advertising piece.

Today, in an environment dominated by social networks, that decision is no longer complex. If you want to use a channel relevant to your audience, the choice by Facebook is right. According to the network itself, there are approximately 2 billion monthly active people on the platform. So, it is fair to say that your audience is there.

The reasons for investing in a lead generation approach on Facebook don’t stop there. In addition to the vast audience, what makes the difference is that you can carefully select who you want to reach. The segmentation provided by Facebook Ads allows you to filter the public by characteristics such as gender, interests, age, etc.

So, even if you use the network for a Content Marketing strategy, using your ad platform is a good idea. After all, for a user to be interested in your page and start consuming your materials, you must first reach it. Next, check out more reasons to generate leads with Facebook.

Creation of objectives

When you set up your campaign on Facebook, flexibility is an eye-catching advantage. Depending on your goal and the stage of the funnel you want to reach, you can choose from a variety of destinations to guide your ads and optimize your results.

If the objective is, for example, to increase the reach of the page, the piece will be displayed to the maximum number of people with the characteristics of its target audience. On the other hand, if the purpose is to increase engagement, the profiles most likely to be involved with the publication will be prioritized – through likes, comments, or shares.

Customizable quotes

The form of billing proposed by Facebook Ads is also different. To begin with, you are only charged according to the achievement of predetermined goals, which boosts the efficiency of the strategy. Other than that, you can change your budget during the campaign, pause ads, and even set a spending limit for your account.

Advanced measurement

Regardless of its nature, measuring a marketing campaign is essential to evaluate its results and optimize future investments. In this regard, advertising on Facebook has another advantage.

The platform provides detailed graphs and statistics that help increase your understanding of the campaign. After some time using the tool, you will be able to make comparisons and determine your company’s most effective ad formats.

How to generate leads on Facebook?

As we mentioned in the introduction to the text, the key to generating leads with Facebook is not in the advantages presented by the platform but in the good practices related to the activity. So, pay attention to the following items and discover some of the main secrets to using the tool to your advantage.

Enhanced campaigns

Creating optimized campaigns is one of the secrets to potentialize lead generation. The question is how to do it? First, you need to have defined your persona clearly, enabling the adoption of an efficient language for your attraction and eventual conversion.

Likewise, knowing the characteristics of the consumer you want to reach brings other valuable insights. An example is related to the time of publication. Posts published when the user is most active are more likely to generate some reaction.

It is also essential to know which term is most suitable for the post. In addition to allowing the use of unique images and videos, the platform provides advertisements in a multimedia presentation, carousel, collection, and canvas.

Correct targeting

As you already know, targeting your audience is the key to your campaign reaching the right people. Therefore, based on your persona, it is essential that you efficiently determine the characteristics used to filter your audience. Such a decision needs to be made based on the peculiarities of your business.

It may be interesting, for example, to focus segmentation on users’ interests. This makes room for a wider audience, but at the same time, is interested in issues related to your product. So, if you sell airline tickets, focusing on profiles interested in travel will boost your campaign.

The important thing is that the segmentation is carried out strategically. Otherwise, you can waste resources on people who would never become customers.

Attractive offer

If you’ve optimized your campaign and correctly targeted your audience, your ad will reach your potential customers. At that point, you need to think about what to do to get their attention and attract them to your company. For that, your campaign must create an attractive offer for the audience.

This offer is important to stress and should not be directly related to your product or service. Its goal is not to convert the ad viewer into a client but to make it lead through an exchange: it provides the contact details and gets some rich free material.

Monitor results to get the best cost-per-conversion

After choosing the best version for your campaign, setting the budget, and launching it to the public, be sure to monitor the results. This practice allows you to identify the best ways to attract and convert your audience, which, in the medium term, makes room for you to lower the cost per conversion.

Generating leads with Facebook is an activity that can bring great results to your company, but remember: as important as developing these contacts is knowing how to nurture them. An efficient nutrition strategy is essential to educate the lead, direct them to the bottom of the shopping funnel and convert them into customers.

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