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SEO Services in Lahore

Best SEO services in Lahore.

SEO service is one of the best services that you can drop service and easily get a recurring income.

I talk a lot about how you can grow your online business will be talking about SEO services and how you can bundle services to sell together with this SEO service and get a much higher profit for your job servicing business last week.

I demonstrate how you can increase your profit by bundling their services together last week I demonstrate how you can bundle video services and this week I’ll be sharing how you can bundle SEO services so because of last week’s video many of you asked me to do a bundle for SEO service so without further ado let’s jump right.



What is SEO service SEO known as search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy that can place your website at the top of the search engine results like google yahoo and Bing for free and unlimited traffic if the keyword of your brand ranks very high on google the first page then you will get a lot of organic traffic many companies fight to get to the first page of the Google search result and it very much depends on the keyword.

Basically, SEO services in Lahore require intensive market research and keyword research the price of SEO services has a very big range because it depends on what the website needs in general SEO services cost between 750 to 2 000 per month these prices are usually charged by the marketing agency outside.

I have done research on this SEO service that is ideal for a recurring income I will let you know why later in this video so make sure that you stick around generally SEO services in Lahore basic package consists of five items number one keyword research number two is the website audit number three is the content plan or the strategy number four is the website optimization and lastly number five is the link building now.

Let me show you the cost of each and every one of these services for keyword research website audit, as well as content plan or strategy, is charged under one service freelancers are charging at 75 so this will include the competitors research the action plan, as well as the website audit for website optimization most of the freelancers are charging around 30 and lastly for the link building freelancers, are charging at 95.

I have done market price research and the SEO services in Lahore basic package will charge at 500 per month for just this basic package alone the cost for these five services is 200 so for SEO  services in Lahore basic package of five hundred dollars and with a cost of two hundred dollars, we are actually making a three hundred dollars for one SEO services in Lahore basic package basically.

These five services are required by companies on a monthly basis as you can see the basic SEO package is 500 and companies need to do this every single month they need to build links every single month to the website.


hey also need to do a lot of keyword research in case that the keyword that they have done has become competitive plus website optimization needs to be done on a very regular basis so this basic package is required no matter what as long as you own a website and that is the reason why SEO service is very ideal for you to get a recurring income so if you have no idea on what service that you want to promote for your job servicing business then you might want to try SEO service in Lahore.

Nowhere is the exciting part and this is the main thing that I want to talk about which is to upsell a bundle for your clients so, for example, you have a client that engages you for the basic SEO services in Lahore package of 500 and your clients is very happy of your service so what you can do is you can create a bundle to upsell to your this existing client there are many ways that you can bundle your package but today.

I will be only showing you one example of the bundle that you can promote to your clients this bundle consists of three items the first item is content creation this involves creating SEO services in Lahore friendly articles of about 1 000 words and freelancers usually charge about 100 per article so in this bundle you are going to provide four articles for your clients so it’s one article per week and the cost will be total of 400 the second item for this bundle will be the search engine marketing management in short.

we call it SEM so this involves managing ads campaign and freelancers usually charge about 200 per campaign and the last item on this bundle will be the website maintenance so the website needs a lot of maintenance a lot of updates as well as need to fix the errors and this one usually the freelancer will charge 100 each time so we are going to provide the clients with one website maintenance per month so the total cost for this bundle will be several hundred dollars now let us see how much that.

we can sell this for content creation we are giving four SEO services in Lahore friendly articles for this alone most of the marketing agency outside is charging about 1 000 for search engine marketing management marketing agency outside it’s charging about 1 300 which includes the setting up plus 30 days of management lastly for website maintenance we are going to give it free to our client so now let us see how much that we can earn from this bundle the total market price for these three items is 2 300.

we are going to charge at 2 000 and with the cost of 700 our profit is a net profit of 1 300 so this is exactly how you can increase your profit from 300 to 1 300 by just upselling this bundle there are many more other bundles that you can include into your SEO service in Lahore package and today I’ll be only showing you this one you can bundle any services which are related to this SEO service in Lahore and related to the website so if you want to add on other packages which are more advanced kind of packages.

You can include in anything related to the website so you have website design website management you can even bundle in a social media marketing for your client because all website owners need to link their website to their social media to gain more exposure and building backlink from social media is also one of the SEO services in Lahore that most of the clients need SO.

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