Nothing feels better than getting rid of the cable and conventional TV. YouTube TV gives various opportunities due to its vast number of channels and high quality streaming services.

YouTube TV offers a huge number of channels from different genres targeted to appease users from various backgrounds. Other than giving you option to watch tones of channels YouTube TV also gives the opportunity to stream high quality HD content anytime you want.

You can save your favorite shows, sports, games, movies, even concerts and enjoy them from the comfort of your bed. The variety of services offered by YouTube TV in the price set offers a very appealing deal. You don’t have to spend a fixed amount each month and worry about paying the cable charges so you continuous TV, because with YouTube TV you can buy as much as a yearlong subscription. There are many other factors that make the prices amazing too.

From seasonal discounts to amazing deals and the YouTube TV promo code everything makes this deal amazing. But everything has a catch and if you haven’t researched well before making this purchase then this could be a problem. Here are few things you should know before investing in the YouTube TV subscription.

Don’t Buy Without the Trial

YouTube TV offers a 30 day trial. Considering 30 days is a long time to evaluate the performance of something a 30 day trial offered by YouTube can help you make a batter decision before you make the final decision of purchasing the service.

Set your Location

YouTube TV has set location wise content to provide the best experience. And your initial location decides the type of shows and content you will get. Rather than just signing up when you are traveling set up an account from home. This will allow you to have relevant content when you return home.

Number of Platforms

Though we have heard YouTube TV offers up to 6 accounts log in from a same id but you can watch on three different devices at the same time. Without any interruption and hindrance in streaming speed, everyone can get fast speed and quick buffering time.

Not A good News for Sports Fan

Just because you have the YouTube TV subscription does not mean you can watch all kinds of sports. Many sports lover have witnessed black screens when trying to stream their favorite match and this is a concern. However, YouTube doesn’t even try to resolve this issue as they claim it isn’t in their own hands, they say: Our content providers, such as sports teams or network partners, decide on blackouts. They differ depending on your present and/or home location, the video you’re attempting to watch, the network or computer you’re using, and any limitations imposed by our partners.

This is a sad news for sports lover especially for someone who pays a hefty amount each month to get the finest channels.

Flexibility Is an Issue

This is a weird issue but a real one. Not all devices are compatible with all kinds of content. This message mostly extends to Verizon’s long-standing exclusive mobile NFL viewing ban. You won’t be able to watch football on your mobile, but a YouTube representative told me that as a workaround, you can cast games to your TV screen. You can watch from a larger-screen display, such as an iPad, Android tablet, or PC, without any problems.

You Cannot Stream While Traveling

Maybe you have purchased or thinking to purchase the YouTube TV subscription for a long road drive. Think again. It is reported that YouTube TV does not provide access to all the channels while travelling. Especially if you are an amid viewer of ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS then you are likely to lose collection as they are highly location specific.

However, you would have no trouble watching the cable networks that are part of YouTube TV.  It also won’t fit somewhere else in the world. For the time being, YouTube TV is only available in the United States. You’ll have to stick with plain old YouTube if you’re outside of the United States.


Watching movies and relaxing with your favorite TV shows at the end of a tiring week is therapy for many people. Nothing makes us happier than being in our bed with our favorite movies and vast collection of amazing content lined up. In these times you cannot afford slow buffering speed, interruptions due to a poor connection or even a compromise on quality. Let alone the commercial breaks that take the fun out of everything.

With the release of so many streaming platforms and reasonable priced services cable TV is a thing of past. These streaming platforms allow you to comfortable watch your favorite TV shows and movies from the comfort of your home. Rather than paying a monthly bill for cable or renting each movie separately you can pay for any movie you want to watch and not pay for something you will not even use. The best part about these services? You can watch and pause anytime you like.

Keeping up with the tradition of providing best streaming service YouTube Movie is a famous movie platform that has various genres and multiple categories of movies. You can enjoy endless streaming and a wonderful interface. The speed is high and the content quality is not compromised any way. Moreover, you can also use the YouTube Movie coupon to avail wonderful discounts easily.

Rent or Buy

There are many great features offered by YouTube movie and one of the best is that it allows you to either rent a movie or buy one. You can pay for your favorite movie and get it in your library or even rent any movie you are not sure about.

And unlike other rented movies from psychical stores where you had to pay for each minute passing, renting a movie on YouTube is a cheap option and it allow you as much as 30 days of time to watch the movie. Although once you have started the movie and paused it you have to watch it in the next 48 hours. Which is a pretty great deal too.

Variety of Channels

YouTube has taken diversity to the whole new level. It is one of the most widely viewed and used platforms since decades. All because of personalization and an ability to watch achieve your like for free. If you upgrade your YouTube to the premium version or pay for the YouTube movie services then you can be sure to get any movie that has come.

Whether you love old classical or something new, horror or mystery, comedy, romance or fiction, you will get anything from the vast pool of wonderful movies.


Not many streaming services are affordable. If you are willing to buy and subscribe to Youtube movie services to get a whole lot of movies then the subscription charges are as low as $9.99 per month. Although if you are planning to buy or rent individual movies you don’t need s subscription for that too. These choices and many-many options to save your hard earned money is what makes the YouTube movie the best movie platform.


Everyone is drawn to a certain genre than others and one of the hardest decisions in life is deciding what movie to watch. Especially when you are chilling with someone and have a fun movie session you cannot just waste hours deciding what movie to watch. With YouTube movie, this issue can take a back seat.

Offering personalization to a whole new level, YouTube movie offers a lot of customized content for the viewer. You will get the top recommendations for you as soon as you open the app. You can also search the reviews and make your decision to watch or not to watch accordingly.

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