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UGC: Why It Is Important For Successful Marketing In 2021

User-Generated Content or UGC is a form of content in the sphere of marketing that is created and shared by the end-users. This Content is derived based on experiences, opinions, feedbacks, or expectations. Nowadays, a majority of User-Generated Content is extracted digitally through various Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram, etc.  

User-Generated Content: What exactly is it?

User-Generated Content is the prescription that online marketers are striving for to successfully execute their promotional campaigns. After looking at the present global online marketing scenario, we may begin to wonder if there is an over-emphasis on User-Generated Content. The answer is No!

This is because, in the present customer-centric market, the success or failure of any brand lies with the consumers and their preferences. 

In essence, any form of marketing content that is relevant to a brand is known as User-Generated Content or UGC. UGC could be in customer expectations, online reviews, feedback, product photos, videos, etc.

Why is User-Generated Content growing so rapidly?

This can be attributed to not one but three main reasons:

1. A Flooding of Digital Platforms – There has been an exponential growth in the number of Digital Platforms and that too with continuously increasing features and functionalities. It must be recalled that User-Generated Content is massively dependent upon various Social Media Platforms and their ever-increasing user base. 

2. Advancement in Technology and The Internet – The Internet is getting more affordable day by day and has now become an integral part of the lives of millions of people worldwide. Adding to that, with the steep advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Technology such as virtual reality, gamification, and augmented reality, the users are getting more and more attracted to and are getting lured to the digital world.

3. Easier availability of Smart DevicesWith the rapid rise in technological advancement and ever-increasing competition amongst technological companies, access to a smart device such as a Smartphone or Tablet has become much easier and affordable. Thus, the users are now sharing and distributing their feelings, expectations, and views about the products they use more than ever.  

Why all successful marketers depend on User-Generated Content?

1. Diversity and Creativity

Every successful marketer strives for creativity and diversity in their promotional or ad campaigns since it adds up to the attraction towards it and reduces the chances of neglect by the customers. Thus every marketing campaign needs fresh ideas and attractive Content every time to be more impactful and effective, and that is certainly provided by UGC.  

2. Increased Brand Advocacy

For some years, every brand that has been surviving this competition in the market has its brand loyalists or brand advocates. The advantage that brands have by possessing the brand advocates is that not only these customers get vocal and expressive about their brand and its positive aspects, but they also unintentionally promote the brand amongst the other non-customers who get attracted to join the brand. 

3. Uninterrupted Flow of Content

Every brand needs a constant flow of Content for its users and customers to take notice of and share it amongst their peer group or other friends and family members. User-Generated Content is the ideal ingredient that not just provides an unlimited stream of creative and unique Content but eliminates the trouble of creating more and more of it on their own, which can be a hassle for most brands.

4. Creation of an Online Community

Man is a social being. Most people tend to form small or large communities with others who share similar interests, hobbies, social profiles, occupational background, or even product preferences, likenesses, and tastes. These people then tend to share their views about a specific product or a brand. In this way, marketers get rewarded by the creation of an Online Community, which ultimately leads to a higher amount of non-customers joining that group. 

5. Superior User Engagement

In this present age of Digitalization and advanced technological prowess, users are constantly looking for an enhanced way of engagement. Users eventually need unique and interesting Content to stay engaged and entertained at the same time. There is no better way of engaging the customers and luring the non-customers towards your brand than giving them Content that is trustworthy, authentic, and attractive at the same time. Thus, user engagement is greatly enhanced by leveraging User-Generated Content. 

Best User Generated Marketing Tools


Taggbox is a magnificent and wonderful tool to implement UGC. With the support of this tool, you can aggregate content from all social media platforms in one feed. Additionally, it helps you study the reports for your marketing research objectives.

This platform will lend a helping hand to examine market trends and user behavior in the opinion of specific mentions, hashtags, account handles, and many more.


Pixlee is another substantial UGC platform to help brands in their marketing with the voice of their customers. However, it presents an exceptional influencer marketing element.

To set out the built-in influencer marketing functionality, they use the term “Social CRM” on the Pixlee site. This social CRM presides over and connects with passionate customers and influencers and measures the results.


ShortStack is another pioneer in the business that authorizes brands to create contests, giveaways, and other kinds of online competitions and promotions. These open-ended services permit you to kick off the formation of your promotions by customizing any one of a long list of templates.

ShortStack clients time and time again opt to conduct photo and video contests, which are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.


It is without a doubt that 2020 was a tough year for the sales and revenue department and equally for the marketing department. They were for sure hurt for resources and left searching for answers. However, one of the answers that the year 2021 has brought along with it is the concept of User-Generated Content or UGC.

What would make UGC so impactful from now onwards would be that it saves time and cost and positively complements the typical employee-generated Content. Thus UGC makes Content Marketing much richer and reliable. 


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