Watching YouTube on a TV Screen Is A Great Experience

You don’t necessarily need a smart TV to watch YouTube on your TV. You can also watch YouTube videos on your TV by using the Google Chromecast, Apple TV or via the interactive TV menu of, for example, Ziggo or KPN. I prefer the Google Chromecast.

Watch YouTube on TV with the Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is an incredibly handy device that allows you to stream all kinds of apps to your TV. Especially useful if you don’t have a smart TV and if you want to stream YouTube and other apps from your iPhone, Samsung smartphone, iPad or Android Tablet to your TV. Make sure to buy any premium service with YouTube TV Promo Code

The Chromecast ensures that the content from the above devices can easily be played on your TV. In addition to YouTube, the Chromecast is also often used to watch Netflix on TV. Below you can read briefly how you can operate the Chromecast per device.

Play YouTube on TV from smartphone and tablet

Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad or Android tablet, the Chromecast supports all kinds of devices. Once you have installed the Chromecast, open the YouTube app on your phone. If your TV is turned on, the Chromecast icon will appear on the screen. If you click on it, the name of your Chromecast will appear, by clicking on it the YouTube video will be streamed to your television. From your phone, you can now control YouTube and pause, fast forward or stop the video.

YouTube from laptop to TV

You can also watch YouTube on your TV from your Macbook or Windows laptop via the Chromecast. However, this only works with the Chrome web browser. You do this by “casting” YouTube to your TV.

  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Choose a video.
  3. Click on the YouTube video and YouTube will appear on your TV.

More about the Google Chromecast can be found here. And here you can view the Chromecast and order it right away.

Streaming YouTube with an Apple TV

Also with the Apple TV, you can watch YouTube videos on a TV screen. The Apple TV is functionally equivalent to the Google Chromecast but is especially recommended in combination with an iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Never miss purchasing things using Mesheble coupons.

You can stream YouTube and other apps to your Apple TV via Airplay. In addition, you can also watch YouTube without a phone, tablet or computer. Unlike the Chromecast, the Apple TV does have a remote control. With the remote control, you can select YouTube in the Apple TV menu.

However, because the remote control does not have a keyboard, it works faster in practice to stream YouTube videos to the TV screen from your phone or tablet.

Alternatives to Chromecast and Apple TV

You don’t necessarily have to use a Chromecast or Apple TV to display YouTube from your laptop, tablet or phone on the TV. This works by far the easiest, you can also connect your laptop , tablet or phone to your TV in other ways (see the links above for more info).

YouTube on your smart TV

Do you have a smart TV at home? Then you do not need the above solutions in principle. With a smart TV you can watch YouTube via the smart TV menu. To watch YouTube on your smart TV, the smart TV must be connected via the internet. If the smart TV can connect to a WiFi network, you can use it. If that is not the case, you can provide the smart TV with internet with an Ethernet cable.

How exactly you start YouTube on a Smart TV depends on the brand of TV. Since many people have a Samsung smart TV, you can see below how to start YouTube on a Samsung smart TV.

As you can see, with a smart TV you also use the remote control to operate YouTube. Personally, I don’t like that because it’s difficult to type searches with remote control. That’s why I use a Chromecast. This also makes it possible to stream all kinds of apps to the TV. Of course, it is also possible that you have a smart TV from a brand other than Samsung. In that case, the smart TV menu will look slightly different.

Play YouTube on TV at Ziggo

At Ziggo, you can also watch YouTube on your TV via Mediabox. To watch YouTube videos, press the back button on your remote. Then press the left arrow and press OK two more times. Now all TV apps of Ziggo are opened per category. In the TV&Video category, you will also find the YouTube app. By opening it you can start watching YouTube videos on your TV.

If you do not have a subscription with the above TV providers, but with Tele2, Vodafone, Delta, Fiber or Caiway, for example, you can use the Google Chromecast or Apple TV to watch YouTube on TV. The Chromecast and Apple TV are recommended, regardless of which provider you have a subscription with!

Watching Youtube on TV at KPN and Xs4all

With a subscription with KPN, or Xs4all you do not necessarily need a Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TV to watch Youtube on your TV. With these TV providers, you can watch Youtube on your TV via the interactive TV menu.

All you have to do is grab the remote control and open the interactive TV menu. Then choose more TV, in the more TV screen you can then open various apps, including Youtube.

With the remote control, you can now search for YouTube videos and play them on your TV. Not every subscriber has more TV, this depends on the type of modem and subscription you have.

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