Why am I Losing Followers on Instagram? And How to Fix It?

Instagram has been evolving into an intelligent AI system that can read through the texts you write and track down everything you do on your social account. Gone are the days when automatic robot followers could not be caught by Instagram algorithm. Now the social network has become smart enough to track down fake followers on the user account. And it is taking serious action against those who are buying likes, comments, and followers. Unless a company is legitimate in services you should never acquire its services for growing your social account and its presence online. 


Now a lot of users are asking the same question as “why am i losing followers on Instagram? and how to fix it?”. Keep reading to learn how you can fix the damage and make your Instagram account grow in its fame just like before. 


Shadow Ban:

Although Instagram has been denying that there is any official shadow ban that is affecting the accounts of users and causing a follower drop on them, it still exists. It takes so much effort and time to build a reputation on Instagram, create engaging content and attract followers to go through your posts. However, your follower drop could be all quick and if it is happening then you have been hit by an infamous shadow ban. 

Now a question to ask is why is Instagram secretly shadow banning a particular account? The answer is simple, you are violating the rules. Instagram is taking strict actions against those people who are using automated bots to their accounts for increasing likes, posting fake comments and increasing their followership.   It is common for users to use bots just so they can have a quick following on their content, it’s one of many secret ways to get instant success for a brand, product and personal identity. This is something that the social network loathes from its core and now it is shadow banning the accounts that are abusing the platform by using services to get automatic followers.  In other words, Instagram has had enough and now it’s time for it to make the platform secure. 


Boring and depressing content:

Content determines the success rate of your Instagram account. Whether you are an influencer or a makeup artist or a game coder, you must come up with creative ways of presenting your content. 

Instagram is not a place for you to share sad, disappointing, and depressing stories with the users. People have got enough problems of their own and they don’t want to get negativity from anywhere else because they expect social networks to be entertaining so they can feel better. 

Instead of throwing emotions on Instagram and making anyone sad about anything, write cheerful scripts and stories. You can share the story of the day in the best way possible to engage more users. For instance, if you have just visited another country, you may think about writing about the food you enjoyed the most, and share the photos with nice captions. 

If you are using Instagram for marketing and promoting your business, product and services, your content does not need to be specific only. It’s not that you need to keep promoting your services every single day. You can be creative and share a story of your customer who bought your item and now there’s something to share about it. Be active in the communities and work for good causes.  

Even if you are a business entity, your content can still be unique and versatile. Write down the stories and scripts, make informative videos to create awareness in the general public. You will get a better response when you share non-promotional content as well. It’s like getting more customers by promoting nothing at all other than the content that’s worth sharing. 

In other words, if you are losing your followers it could be that your content is not good enough. So post good content, share nice stories and upload attractive images to keep your customers engaged. 


Not using hashtags:

There are too many trending hashtags that you can use these days to accelerate the social engagement on your account. Instead of over promoting your services, goods and brands, how about using the hottest hashtags to bring organic followers and readers to your Instagram account? You don’t need to post content out of your theme, instead you must create content on a theme without going out of your niche, it’s one secret way to have more customers on Instagram. 

If you are losing followers very quickly, it could be that you are not using hashtags properly. Invest time in writing down creative, comprehensive and relevant hashtags in the posts. Suppose you have posted two posts a day on your account without captions and hashtags, they will never be able to appear in organic search results. The hashtags are like keywords that define your content and send a signal to the AI system on what your posts are all about. Make sure to use hashtags and captions to get visitors and earn followers on your account.


Reasons for losing followers on Instagram:

Here are some of the most common reasons for your follower drop on Instagram, you should analyze your account meticulously to figure out which one of these is affecting your account. 

  • Poor quality, sad, depressing, boring, irrelevant and less entertaining content.
  • Over promotion of yourself or services, brands and goods.
  • Lack of hashtags and captions.
  • Use of third party services for acquiring fake likes and fake followers.
  • Creating too many fake Instagram accounts from one IP.
  • Violating Instagram’s terms and services
  • Abusing the network and posting abusive language in the comment section.
  • Getting shadow banned
  • Posting content out of your niche, genre and account theme.


How to keep your followers on Instagram?

Here are some dos for you just in case you wish to revive the health of your Instagram account.

  • Post high quality, entertaining and interactive content
  • Use captions and hashtags.
  • Engage in conversation.
  • Be kind, gentle and courteous in communication
  • Post content on a particular time to get more engagement
  • Do live streams to communicate with users
  • Post only good content and create scripts to catch the attention

If you post good content it will get more shares, hence you will earn followers instead of losing them. All you have to do is focus on how to come up with a better content idea and compete with many other Instagram users who are posting the content like yours.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain is a content marketer who currently works at Digital Aimz in Dudley. He also provides Technical SEO, Social media marketing services to its clients.

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