Why do my likes disappear on Instagram

Did you notice that all the likes on your Instagram photos and videos automatically disappeared? It might have caught you off guard and left you to wonder what terms and rules have you violated to witness such a huge change on your account. Don’t panic, you have not done anything wrong at all, it’s just that Instagram is in a phase of testing and trial.

Instagram has been trying to bring up new modules on their social networking website to improve the user experience on it. Recently Instagram was engaged in a new tests in which a few people participated but it caused a large bug on the system, causing a big change in the account of many users. Many people got upset and worried seeing that all their likes disappeared on Instagram.


Why do my likes disappear on Instagram?

Instagram is a more user-oriented social platform than just a networking website, therefore it is putting more effort into securing the system and making it more entertaining for everyone. According to Instagram the quality of content that’s being shared matters more than the number of likes that you get on your images and feeds. And it is understandable as well, just as we have observed that social networks have made more people very concerned and conscious about their personal identity and how they portray themselves on their social accounts. 


In real life it is much different behind those curtains that nobody can open to have a peek inside anyone’s personal routine. You might be a famous model and fashion designer with tons of followers and fans on your Instagram account but there’s a known and undeniable fact that life is a big struggle itself. Just because everything seems to be picture perfect, it does not mean it’s just the way it appears to be. Likewise, in India many people became so obsessive about their portfolios and having not enough likes on the photos had somewhat affected the psychology of youngsters and teens. For the same reasons, Instagram decided to hide the like feature on Indian accounts.

If you just noticed that all of your likes have disappeared suddenly for no apparent reason, then you need nothing to do about it. Instagram always runs tests on the accounts , so if you don’t like your likes which were there before it’s because this happened due to a test that Instagram is conducting. Just wait for a while and your likes on the posts will reappear. 


Instagram and bug:

Although Instagram’s bug has affected many Instagram accounts by disappearing the likes on video and image content yet a lot of influencers are not finding it to be bothersome. On the contrary, there are tons of people supporting this idea where Instagram has chosen to hide and disappear the likes on all the posts. Some of the most common grounds on which this idea is being supported are as follows:


  • Social media networks should be more about connections and socialization than a place where you see people going to extra lengths just to get attention.  How do we determine the value of any content when we view it? We visit it and measure it’s value by the number of likes that it has received, isn’t it true?  Maybe when there are no likes at all on the posts we all would be in a better position to admire and adore all the quality content on the network which has been explored yet.
  • Quality of the content being posted matters more than the number of likes which are displayed under it. If there are no likes whatsoever being shown on any posts you will have a clear mind set to value it as per your own opinion. Because when there are likes by other users you feel like it’s something that you must like as well because people can’t be wrong.  You will have a better way of judging and analysing the content on networks without relying on anyone’s opinion about it.
  • It goes without saying that most people are using Instagram for the sake of getting massive attention only. What’s the scale to measure their fame and popularity, the number of followers and the number of likes, right? If there are no likes appearing or showing on a post, people will be able to find more content that they have not seen yet instead of just liking the posts that all others people have already liked.
  • If there are no likes on the posts people will be less conscious and concerned. These days, it’s all a war and struggle for getting more likes on social accounts than investing quality content. Since a user knows that there’s no such thing as like he will be able to put all the effort into producing good content so people can post their comment on it. Whenever you start a new account, you feel concerned or worried when you don’t get enough likes. When there’d be no option for likes at all you’d not feel conscious about it at all.


The likes from the posts may disappear due to the Instagram bug, but if it stays like that in the long run it may bring up positive changes for sure. Too many people are already positively supporting this new test feature but Instagram announced that it will fix the bug so all the likes that people have lots on their photos and videos can be reinstated once again to make people relieved. 

Mark Twain

Mark Twain is a content marketer who currently works at Digital Aimz in Dudley. He also provides Technical SEO, Social media marketing services to its clients.

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