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Effective SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic In 2021

Many e-commerce business owners think that after they hire an SEO company in India, their job is done. But it isn’t true. SEO is a vast concept that needs innovation and fresh insights regularly to ensure that your website stands a chance in this competitive market.

Yes, with the help of expert SEO professionals, you make your job easier. But you should stay updated with the latest tips and tricks to lure organic traffic to your website and rank higher on the search engine result pages. When you know the basic yet significant tips to combine with the best SEO services in India, your business is bound to reach greater heights.

The question, however, is do you know about any of these tips right now? Well, don’t worry. Check out some of the most effective SEO tips below:

  • Use Interactive and Easy to Read Content

Content is the X factor that can define the success of your SEO strategies and eventually your business. Therefore, you must create and use your content wisely. Keep in mind that your content shouldn’t be too fancy. In simple words, it must be easy to read and understandable.

Use different catchy headings, brief points to maintain the reader’s interest and provide the right information. As far as your keywords are concerned, do not try to force them into the content. It looks unnatural and barely convinces the users to click. It should settle in the content naturally.

  • Focus on Improving User Experience

SEO service providers in India and across the globe today know the importance of user experience. Since there are so many options available, users won’t stick around at your website if they find it difficult to surf through the pages. You should be careful that your website offers an enhanced user experience.

The speed loading speed must be good, the categories must be defined precisely. The easier you make it for the users to find what they need, the higher are your chances of driving and maintaining heavy traffic on your site. You should be able to give the users what they want without them having to make much effort.

  • Use Internal Linking on New Pages

If you have spent a fair amount of time looking for an SEO company to work with, you probably know that the best SEO packages in India include backlinking. Internal linking on your website allows visitors to jump from one page to another easily. This also supports the point mentioned above, that is, improved user experience.

Whenever you add one or more new pages on your site, they don’t have internal links. This affects user experience but mostly it affects your Google ranking. This is why immediately after you create new pages, add internal links to them.

  • Boosts Brand Awareness

Now, for a business that has been in the market for a while, it probably isn’t the most valuable reason. But if your website is relatively new, it takes some time to catch the eyes of the users and popularize your website. In case, you want your brand to be seen and considered, opt for the best SEO services in India.

With the assistance of the experienced SEO experts, you can make your website’s presence felt on the internet. Using the right keywords here and there is again the most precise way to get your brand recognized among the competitors. Without SEO, you will face quite a lot of difficulties in getting your business known.

  • Build’s Brand Credibility

Lastly, when you and India’s no 1 SEO company work together, you let your brand gain the customer’s trust. You might think it isn’t such a big reason but it is what forms the base of your marketing strategy. There are so many service providers claiming to have what you do; it is only by having your customer’s trust you can win against them.

When your website appears on the first search engine page, users are more likely to trust your services as proved in a study. Apart from it, when you get your clients to review your website and leave positive remarks, it builds credibility too.

  • Prioritize Structured Data

The current SEO strategies used by any good SEO optimization company in India also focus on structured data. The reason being that structured data is effective in ensuring that your content is reaching those who are looking for it. Structured data as the name suggests contains information about your product or service in a structured manner, which helps Google to know your service better.

The easier it becomes for Google; the more are your website’s chances to rank higher on the SERPs. Structured data can include written content, images, tables, etc. The idea is to present the content in a clear-cut way.

  • Design the Website Mobile-friendly

Last but one of the most crucial tips is to design your website for mobile-first. Why? Because as per Google’s mobile-first indexing update, Google will consider the mobile version of the website for indexing. A majority of internet users today are surfing from their mobile phones only which led to this update.

Hence, the mobile experience of your website for the users should be top class. Yes, the desktop appearance and functioning are important too, but the market right now demands more mobile-friendly websites since that where the most traffic is being generated.


The above-mentioned SEO tips are some of the most significant points that you should consider. Although along with knowing the SEO tips, you should have a reliable Indian SEO agency to help you execute these tips. WillShall is an SEO company in India with the right tools, profound knowledge, and skills to help your website gain organic traffic.


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