Wastewater treatment is known as the set of physical, chemical and biological procedures that make it possible to convert contaminated water into drinking water . Thus, the human being can use it again.

Wastewater is produced daily, both in our homes, our jobs and in factories, industries and human activities of all kinds. They can be classified into:

  • WastewaterThe ones we use to wash ourselves, clean our homes or go to the bathroom.
  • Polluted waters . Those used by industries, factories, metallurgies or other production processes that convert some materials into others.

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Although it is known that our planet is 70% water , in reality it is not a resource that we can have unlimited and irresponsible use, so wastewater treatment is a real necessity.

Wastewater can be treated in dedicated centers, known as wastewater treatment plants. They can also be treated preventively in the places of their use and contamination, through localized mechanisms and processes.

Waste water treatment plants

They are known with this name or as purification plants to the facilities dedicated to the purification of waste water, using processes of different nature. There are as many types of plant as there are stages of water processing. Some carry out the entire process, while others focus only on specific moments of the purification.

Depending on the type, they can take place:

  • Physical separations of water and solid waste that they may contain (without involving any type of reaction).
  • Water treatment with various chemicals and reagents .
  • The use of biological or biochemical reactions to counteract certain contaminants present in the liquid .

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