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Sports APIs have been game-changing when it comes to delivering data among multiple platforms. Sports APIs act as an intermediary among multiple platforms to facilitate a smooth transfer of sports-related data.



Football API  is the most demanding sports API among all the other sports APIs. Because Football is the most-watched and liked by the people across the world.  The sports industry has seen many new sports data providers in the last few years. There is cut-throat competition among new sports data providers. Yet, this market has a huge space.


Entity sports is the leading provider of football data through sports API. It is simply because it has a wide coverage, better quality than its peers. Lets us look at it in detail to know more about what entity sports offers


Entity sports – Football API


Entity sports offers the most accurate football live score API with the most detailed in-match player statistics including line-up, formation, play by commentary, real-time score, competitor rooster, team rooster, and many more. When it comes to coverage, it covers both domestic and international matches including the English Premier League, European league, and many more.


Entity sports Football API – Important features:

  • Live score football API: Entity sports API offers real-time scores, commentary, events, line-up, projection APIs.



  • Football schedule API: Entity sports provides upcoming, live, results match-list API.


  • Competition list APIs: Entity sports provides all the football upcoming, completed, active competitions APIs.


  • Match statistics APIs: Entity sports API offers player and team passing, defense, attack, duels statistic API including 50+ data types.


  • Player APIs: Entity sports offers player profile and career static football API.


  • Football fantasy points API: Entity sports offers fantasy points to the websites and apps through the sports API.



Entity sports: Plans

Entity sports generate revenue through a subscription-based model. It offers the most competitive pricing to its customers while maintaining top-notch quality in the delivery of the services. Following are both monthly and annual plans of Entity sports Football API:


Starter Pack

Starting at the cost of $150, the Starter Plan offers both monthly and yearly pricing. It includes 10 00,000 per month API requests and 8 Leagues.

Pro Pack

Starting at the cost of $250, the Pro Plan offers both monthly and yearly pricing. It includes 20 00,000 per month API requests and 20 leagues.

Elite Pack

Starting at the cost of $400, the Elite Plan offers both monthly and yearly pricing. It includes 30 00,000 per month API requests and 50 leagues.


These plans have their benefits according to your Coverage, Matches Access, API Access, API Calls, API Format, and Delivery needs.


Entity sports: why?


  • Accuracy: Everyone prefers quality as they pay for the product. Low data quality can seriously harm your credibility and client’s trust


  • Real-time delivery: You must provide live scores with the least latency. Your live scoring must be quick and reliable. You are more likely to give a better experience to the customers. They are more likely to become habitual to your website.


  • Customization: Entity sports offer great flexibility when it comes to customization. You can customize your website or content in a way it is used the most or it suits your preference. We also offer you varieties of widgets that make it easier to absorb the sports data in an easier way.


  • Support: Being responsive to the customer is highly important. Because you can know what mistakes you are committing? What are the areas where you need improvements? Entity sports provide quick support.


  • Integration: Entity sports provides faster and easier integration of multiple platforms. It guarantees a hassle-free flow of data delivery and provides a better user experience. The success of a data business is based on how fast it is delivered. Therefore, any glitch in wrong integration can cause a lot of business loss. This has taken place many with clients with a few data providers.


  • Coverage: Entity sports have wide coverage. All the prominent sports are covered such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, etc. It also provides additional data such as points table, play by play team, and player stats covering all the national and international leagues. We observed this among many data providers that they were limited to one or two sports and if a client wants to provide data of any new sports, he had to contact other sports API providers.


Here are the steps that will help you to build an app or websites through entity sports:


Step-1  Please sign up to create your entity sports account in a minute.


Step-2  Verify your email through the verification email sent to your email.


Step-3  Login at Dashboard.


Step-4  Please go to the plan’s sections on the dashboard and click on the subscribe button you want to use.


Step-5  Process the payment to subscribe.


Step-6  Go to the application section to get API access.


Step-7  Follow the given instructions on API documentation for integrating the API.


Note: Use this token – ec471071441bb2ac538a0ff901abd249, for development and testing purposes.


You will be able to access all Football data except player search, player profile, and player stats API. Free development token will give you access to a few completed competitions and sample responses of each API so you can easily integrate each API.



As the full saturation is yet to be tapped into, football renders innumerable opportunities for sports businesses to capture that market through the technology driven-innovation. When it comes to providing football API, the market has a lot of them but the right one is not everyone. It requires the filtration to come up with the right one as I have suggested you go with Entity sports which is the leading football API provider. It covers everything you need. With Entity sports by your side, your sports website is sure to succeed!!! You can pay a visit to the Entity sports through this link for more details






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