People have always loved to get entertained with indoor games; today, we see innovative game consoles that offer a virtual gaming experience. One of the popular gaming phenomena in the late 80s and 90s was ‘arcade gaming machine,’ also known as ‘Coin-op’ games that operated with the insertion of a coin.

An arcade gaming machine was an entertainment machine installed in different places such as shopping malls, amusement arenas, restaurants, bars. Most of the arcade games included the world-famous pinball along with video games and electro-mechanical games.

The arcade games are quite simple to play and feature all the control options such as a joystick, trackball, and buttons that are concealed on the tabletop. Many millennials and even adults love to get their hands on arcade games that can give them a nostalgic feel and take them back to their childhood.

Why Get an Arcade Game Table?

The trend of getting an arcade game and placing it in the playroom of the house is getting quite popular. Friends and family getting together for lunch or dinner can have a wonderful time playing a game or two. By getting arcade table USA, a person and his family can enjoy playing more than 1000 retro games from the 80s and 90s.

The arcade table is stylishly crafted and can easily blend with the furniture of the house. The arcade table can also be placed in the backyard, and you can conceal it if no one is playing it in the daytime. The arcade table comes in two forms: the short coffee table style that allows two people to play simultaneously, and the second is the tall countertop style.

If you want to have a fully immersive and nostalgic experience, you can also connect headphones into the arcade system. Plugging in the headphones also prevents noise that prevents other people in the house from getting disturbed.

The arcade table is made beautifully crafted from solid wood. The color is natural wood, and the table legs are available in white and black color. The advancement of technology has allowed newer arcade game machines to be developed to connect with television, monitor display, or projector through HDMI cable. The two types of arcade machines you can get are

  • The standard arcade engine can easily connect with a television, projector, or any other display and show the landscape format games. The standard engine offers over 2000 arcade games. Two players can easily play the games with a joystick.
  • The enhanced arcade engine is designed to display classic retro games that were originally formatted and displayed on a rotating monitor. The enhanced engine has over 1000 games, where 700 are horizontal, and 400 are vertical arcade games. Two players can easily play the game with a joystick.

How to Order an Arcade Game Table

The arcade game table has garnered an immense following because every adult wants to have that classic feel of playing their favorite games again and even connecting them with large televisions at home. The arcade game tables are designed specifically to allow people to have a wonderful experience while playing. The arcade game machine has intuitive controls that are easy to use.

The levels are easy at the initial level, and the difficulty of the game increases as the person progresses to the next level. The steps you need to follow to order an arcade game table are

  • Choose the table style that suits you the best and matches the décor of your house. The two options are a 24-inch coffee table and a 34-inch countertop.
  • Select the arcade engine that matches your requirement and preferences. The two options are Standard and Enhanced
  • Choose the connectivity type that best suits you. The two options are Wireless HDMI and Direct HDMI connection through wired cable.

The arcade game system and table are available to purchase as a complete set. The arcade game engine is already integrated or embedded within the table. The arcade game table can be connected with any television that supports an HDMI cable. The pleasure of playing classic games will be amazing if you have a 70- or 80-inches TV in the house.

Some people may think playing arcade games on a short coffee table can be difficult as they need to be hunched over and then view it on the TV. However, the coffee table is 36 inches tall, and as the TV or monitor will be placed in front, the person can easily view at eye level.

Many business offices tend to install the arcade game table in the cafeteria so that people for their food to arrive can play for a while. The employees can always take a break and come play on the arcade games and insert a headphone with a 3.5mm jack so that the sound cannot get disturbed other employees at work.

At-home, as the arcade game table is connected with the TV, so you can mute the volume of the TV and prevent other people in the house from getting irritated with the sound of the arcade games. The wireless connectivity is as good as within 30 feet. The arcade game engine is embedded in the table as an encrypted card with the games preinstalled, so you cannot add or remove the games on your own.


The best thing about the arcade game table is that there are no quarters required, and you can continue playing any game you and for as long as you want to. The arcade game table is not expensive, one of the best things to have in your home. You can even flaunt the arcade games in front of your kids, who may only think that game consoles are the best thing for gaming

An arcade table can certainly be the center of attention when family and friends are gathered for a celebration. Playing numerous arcade games mostly provides fun and entertainment and, at the same time, brings back memories for most adults. You can even give the arcade game table as a gift to your friend who is an avid gamer and always loves to talk about the classical games he used to play in his childhood.


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