Twitter homes millions of active daily users, making it an influential tool to raise awareness about the business, generate engagement, and lead. Setting up a Twitter for Business profile is ordinary, but it takes regular extraordinary efforts to be effective.

Hence, having sound knowledge of driving business from Twitter can go a long way in its growth. Be it hashtags, pinned tweets, Twitter lists, or a collaboration with the influencers. The right marketing plan can increase sales, brand awareness and make customer service better.

Twitter was founded in 2006 and has become one of the most well-known social media platforms globally. When clubbed with Linkedin and Facebook, it can boost your marketing efforts big time. 

Use this blog as a guide to know and understand ways in which brands can promote business using Twitter. 

#1 Use Tools To Track And Magnify Performance

Brands need to prioritize keeping their accounts organized. 

TweetDeck is a free-to-use tool that facilitates a sleek user interface that provides customizable columns that can help you organize lists, notifications, and the feed. You can also track your hashtags’ performance, schedule Tweets before-time, and add multiple Twitter accounts to manage multiple users at a time. The best part is that you can also access it via a web browser. 

Hootsuite is another incredible tool that helps you manage your account on other social media platforms, apart from Twitter. It functions just like TweetDeck, offering you to schedule tweets, and regulate replies, basically automating your account’s management. 

#2 Use Hashtags 

Hashtags group Tweets together. It is a great marketing tool to increase your content’s visibility to a wider audience and not just your followers. Many brands employ the trending discussions taking place on the platform via hashtags to sell their products. 

You can also create your hashtag to attract your audience’s attention for any product launch or event. 

But remember to use hashtags only relevant to your post, and keep yourself updated about the trending hashtags on Twitter, for they are ever-changing. 

#3 Embed Tweets On Your Website:

Embedding Twitter feed on a website is the best way to encourage user interactions, engagement, trust, and conversion. To embed tweets; go to the tweet, click on the ‘more’ tab in the upper right corner. A dropdown menu will appear, choose ’embed tweet,’ and take you to a new page with the HTML code. You need to just copy and paste the code on the website where you want it to be placed. 


You can also make use of social media aggregation tools like Taggbox. It will help you collect, curate, moderate, and customize the feeds generated by hashtags on the platform. The unified presentation can then be embedded onto the website, which is updated in real-time. Brands can also track the performance of the widget and strive for betterment. 

#4 Handle Customer Queries & Problems Via DMs

Direct messages have evolved quite recently. DM has become effective in trouble-shooting user issues and resolving their doubts. Therefore, taking care of the way you interact with your customers is of utmost importance. 

Using DMs provides the user with a personalized touch, and the brands can get elaborative while responding to the complaints. This practice also instills satisfaction in the user’s mind about their investment made into the brand, which will make them want to come back again. Top-notch customer service is an important aspect of growing business. 

#5 Post Visual Content More Often

You can post up to 4 photos to a post, make graphics and use them, post videos and GIFs to better connect with your followers. Twitter, in fact, also has a built-in GIF keyboard from which you can choose clips that best suit your tweet. User engagement is indeed mandatory to grow business on Twitter. 

One way to achieve this is to ask for user inputs via polls and comments. When they participate in such activities, they feel valued and appreciated. It will also help the brand improve its image and social standing. 

Over To You 

Promoting business on Twitter is an impeccable way to gather users. The marketing strategy used to promote the brand on Twitter to drive business needs to be top-notch. Incorporate the methods mentioned above to gather more engagement, interaction, and conversion through your Twitter handle.

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