Understanding 5 Reasons Why To Use Cinematic Luts

If you are a modern-day photographer or a filmmaker, you just know how important color grading is. It is through cinematic luts color grading only that you can effectively turn a visually dull shot into a bright and appealing one. Although color grading can turn out to be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t experienced enough. But with the help of LUT’s, you can precisely and instantly match specific colors for the given photo or video styling.

Colors are one of the most crucial elements of a visual, it sets the tone of the picture and tells the story that the filmmaker wants to tell. However, before you begin using LUTs, it is natural of you to feel doubtful or need some sort of guarantee on how cinematic luts is going to prove productive for you.

This is why we are going to list down 5 of the main reasons why you must use Cinematic Luts. Learn more about these points here:

  • Cinematic LUT’s are Versatile in Log Conversion

Photography or videography is not a limited concept. And for an industry as vast as this, versatility becomes utter necessary which is exactly what cinematic LUT offers. You can use these to convert Log footage back to Rec709 standard. Now because of this feature, you ensure that the log color profile is relatively more accessible to someone who is a rookie in color grading skills. Log footage is generally tough to color grade for newbies and is time-consuming as well, but with conversion LUT’s you don’t have to go through the exhausting process.

  • Boosts Work Productivity

Using LUTs and cinematic presets for photoshop in a way provides you a higher production value. How? Well, LUTs make color grading easier and more professional for you. They even carry out minor adjustments for you that are needed to achieve optimal results. Having to work with cinematic luts is far better than doing color coding on your own. Once you start using LUTs frequently, you will realize that the results that you are getting are of better quality and are boosting your work productivity too. This is why many experienced professionals are also using LUTs for their films.

  • Ideal For Everyone

You probably know that there are numerous professional tools and software used for cinematography. But cinematic Luts is something that can be used by everyone. Today, not just professional filmmakers but social media content creators also need videography tools for their videos. LUTs are exactly what they need for it. You can use them to edit and improve your videos to be posted on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Cinematic LUTs is for those who want to work with advanced video editing but don’t want to be dedicated videographers.

  • Real Time-Savor

For those working in the filmmaking industry, time is everything. When you create videos for yourself, it is different. But when you need to create videos for your clients, you have to create good videos and within deadlines. Color grading when you have your clients sitting on your head is never going to be an easy job. But when you use cinematic luts, Cinestill presets, etc, you can get make attractive and goal-oriented videos within the time limit.

  • Broadens Your Creativity Horizon

If you start to learn about Cinematic Luts, you will find out that there are different types in it. For example, there are technical LUTs, Creative LUTs, etc. The more you use them, the more you see the possibilities in a photo or a video you never did before. So using Luts is not only ensuring that you create good videos but also that you get more ideas for the future. Each new visual will teach you something new that can help you with your next project too.


These above-mentioned points are just a few of many reasons that encourage you to go for cinematic Luts if you haven’t yet. And to make it easier for you, Cinegrading is here. You can shop for video luts and more here. This online store is a one-stop destination for your color grading needs.


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