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7 Ways AI Could Make More Creative Meetings For You

Recently, AI is becoming more and more popular in many areas of life and business, but it seems to some there are some domains of work in which it can never overtake human action – those that require soft skills. An example of this is meeting management, which traditionally has been a task of humans. However, AI is in fact an extremely useful tool which can bring your meetings to the next level.

If applied properly, AI has a huge potential to make discussion and collaboration more creative meetings, and thus more effective. Don’t just take our word for it – according to Dave Smith, Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis, “there is a paradigm shift in digital workplace technologies and strategies to make enterprises more conversational and smarter”.[1] Indeed, a modern technology like AI can allow your business to flourish in numerous ways, one of them  being meeting management.


Where can it be used?

Many companies organise their meetings on Google Meet (not to be confused with Google Hangouts, the video and chat service that preceded it). No surprise – apart from offering what most video conferencing softwares do (screen sharing, a chat function and the likes), You can review Google Meet vs Google Hangouts that has the advantage of being integrated with other services of the tech giant, such as Gmail and Google Calendar, which makes navigating between them easier. A lesser-known benefit of Google Meet is that it is compatible with Aira – an AI assistant that can make your meetings better.

Now that that is sorted out – let’s move on to how using AI can bring more creativity to your meetings and improve the performance of your business.


Automated note taking

In a typical meeting, there is a person responsible for taking notes. While having a transcript of a meeting has clear benefits, needing a person to do this does not, as this person will probably barely remember the content of the meeting, let alone the details. Luckily, these notes can be taken by an AI assistant.

Automated note-taking and accurate meeting transcripts are one of the ways an AI meeting assistant like Aira can allow attendees to actually focus on the discussion and contribute their best. Replacing a human note-taker with a computer enables free and uninhibited discussion, fostering creativity. This way, more ideas can be exchanged and those participating in the meeting can use the full potential of their creativity.


Generating and sharing meeting minutes

Besides taking note of what is taking place in a discussion, some AI meeting assistants, like Aira, send meeting minutes to each participant after it is concluded so that they can refresh their memory on the discussion whenever needed. Such transcripts can be easily searched for keywords, giving a rapid overview of what has been discussed. They are easy to navigate and, because they are shared automatically, always available, without the need to ask for them.


No more waiting

Humans can be unreliable, which often demonstrates in them being late. Such worries are alien to those using the AI meeting assistant Aira, which picks up meeting dates from the calendar and auto-joins them. Thanks to that, a meeting can quickly gain its full speed and be much more effective.


Creating action items

Another way in which AI will make all participants of your meetings fully engaged in the discussion is by administering action items. As an AI assistant can be taught to recognise particular keywords, it can take action items – a more complex task than just providing a transcript of what occurred during a meeting. These action items also help ensure the meeting ends with a list of concrete and tangible tasks that make it clear what the next steps are.


Allowing brainstorms to be fully effective

By taking weight off of participants’ shoulders, an AI assistant lets them focus on what really is important – the content of the meeting. When AI takes over tasks such as scheduling, note taking or checking attendance, participants can concentrate on the substance, knowing the AI will have all the administrative information recorded. In fact, an AI assistant can make meetings twice as effective by enabling a free flow of ideas.


Enabling more personal interactions

When all participants are fully engaged in the meeting, deeper interpersonal connections and better collaboration follows. Not distracted by mundane tasks such as generation of action items or note taking, employees can cooperate to come up with better ideas and more creative meetings, thus building team rapport.

Improving human relationships will be useful not only for the very meeting, but for all of the collaboration taking place among a company’s employees. Eliminating the repetitive and boring tasks that usually accompany meetings but can be taken over by AI will make people more energized and excited to work on what truly matters. This will result in a more positive approach of employees towards work and co-workers


Better results = better motivation

Last but certainly not least, the improved performance that will result from introducing an AI assistant to your meetings will be the driver of further success. It is not surprising that success is an excellent motivation for more challenges and hard work – if people see that what they are doing is effective, they will want to work more and feel even more successful. This motivation can be brought to your meetings, where participants will be highly motivated to achieve their best, driving results up.


This collaboration can lead to better and optimized results; that individually progress to productivity of the whole organization. The more you become productive, the more optimized workflow is. Thus AI is not a threat to mankind, but it can be properly utilized for overall profit one’s growth.


50% of workers are currently using some form of AI at work compared to a much smaller figure 32% in 2018.[2] While the increase is impressive, the current percentage also means a half of companies are missing their full potential. Don’t be one of them – make use of modern tools, fostering creativity and increasing your profits!


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