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Virtual Events- How to Host a Successful Virtual Event?

It is evidently clear that the event industry has experienced a shift of trend since the COVID-19 pandemic, people became aware of the significance of social distancing and since then they started preferring virtual events over traditional in-person events. Organisers also realised the true potential of virtual events after the pandemic, even though the virtual platform was available well before the pandemic.

Since last year, 2020, many organisers and hosts have shifted towards virtual platforms and started hosting their events on a global scale. Ever since the introduction of virtual platforms a constant question arises, which is in fact applicable to every type of event, How to make your event successful? Though there is no secret recipe for this question, we can increase the probability of success of your event by incorporating key aspects which are desired by the attendees and following certain steps that increase attendees’ engagement. Without further ado let us get right into it.

Virtual Events- How and Why?

It is blatantly obvious that people have started opting for virtual events. We admit that traditional in-person events have their significance in the event industry, however by providing the same level of interactivity we may also engage the attendees in virtual events as well. The key aspect of any event is attendee engagement. We may leverage several tools and features provided by the virtual platform and incorporate them in the virtual event, essentially by leveraging the latest technology we may enhance the attendee’s experience and keep them engaged.

How to make your event Successful?


Your event will revolve around a topic or agenda. It is significant to understand the importance of having a relevant topic as irrelevant topics or content may disengage the attendee. Understand what is trending and may affect the current environment/situation. Provide your attendees with something that they can relate with, otherwise, they may fatigue themselves witnessing irrelevant content, which is relatively more possible in virtual events.

Punctuality and Landing

Being on time is something every attendee would expect, after all why not? If you are hosting the event make sure your timings are right and on point. Your attendees will wait for your event if it interests them, but if you keep them hanging for a long period of time they may start to think otherwise. Developing a hype is different, it is significant to understand correct timing to land certain concepts/content. Another thing to keep in mind is to limit your event timings, your attendees will be witnessing your event in front of their screens, which is more probable to make them feel fatigued, thus keep your events relatively short and on point to keep them engaged for the maximum amount of time.

Select the Right Platform

There are numerous platforms available in the market, especially after the shift of trend towards virtual events. Thus it is important to understand your options and select the right platform that compliments your event the best, analyse the tools and features provided by the platform, and based on your event requirements go for the platform that provides the right set of tools and features. Every platform has its own area of expertise and when it coincides with your event format the probability of event success increases drastically.

Create an Immersive Environment

Your attendees will be expecting an appealing and easy-to-use interface. Welcome your attendees on a separate page in an eye-catching virtual space. Set an overall theme for the event with customised virtual booths, virtual lobbies, banners, fonts, help desk, etc. Though it may prove to be a difficult task, recreate a traditional experience by incorporating the latest technology to make your event more interactive and thus eventually engaging.

Invite Speakers and Take the Help of Experts/Specialists

It is blatantly clear that people prefer the word of an expert, so why not provide it to them? Get an expert on the line, or an appearance would be more preferable and consult them with probable questions. Encourage your attendee to take part in such speaker sessions or seminars. The feeling of inclusion will go a long way when associated with a specific topic with an expert. On the other hand, hosting a virtual event and broadcasting it virtually requires some technical knowledge which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, thus is always recommended to a team of experts who understand the technology used and comprehend it.

Testing and Predicting

Virtual platforms are susceptible to glitches and bugs, which may hamper the attendees’ experience. Thus, it is important to be aware of such bugs and glitches, do thorough testing of the whole event well before the event commences, and ensure that the attendees receive a seamless experience. While testing your platform keep an open mind to possible problems that you may encounter during the event. A well-planned event will encounter significantly fewer problems and thus your attendee’s experience will not be endangered, eventually improving the attendees engaged with the online event and meeting. There are various aspects of a virtual event so understand them all to tackle any potential problem that you may encounter.

Over to You

This past year the event industry has experienced a shift of trend from traditional in-person events to virtual events. Though virtual platforms have been around for quite some time it is only after the pandemic that the organisers understood the true potential. Since then there have been several virtual events with the latest technology to increase the interactivity of the virtual events and keep the audience engaged. It also seems that virtual events are going to stay around for a while, because of the COVID-19 pandemic with people’s awareness about social distancing and the realisation of the true potential of virtual events, hence it is important to understand how to make your virtual event a success. There is no secret recipe to that question, however, we follow certain guidelines and steps to increase the probability of success. Follow the above-mentioned articles to understand why and how virtual events are important and how to make them successful.

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