With tremendous competition and a zeal to always be the best at their services, the hospitality industry is always on the lookout for exploring various ways to give their visitors a never like before experience. More or less, it is always challenging for the hotel industry to meet the expectations of their guests. 

Ever since the inception of Digital Signage, it has proven to be a powerful and beneficial tool to drastically increase engagement and enhance the communication between the guests and the hotel. 

While placing Digital signage strategically is of utmost importance, the lobby area of the hotel serves as the perfect spot to place digital signage and reap maximum benefits.  

Keep reading the blog to the final conclusion to get a clear picture of how using hotel lobby digital signage drastically improves guest satisfaction and their overall experience. 

Multiple Uses Of Placing Digital Signage In The Lobby Area Of The Hotel

  • Beautify The Hotel Lobby With Digital Signage

It is rightly said that the First impression is the last impression. The Lobby serves as the area where the guests wait for their room allotment and enjoy their welcome drinks. 

Apart from the overall aesthetics and decor of the lobby, using Hotel Lobby Digital Signage for playing a clip on the USPs of the hotel, hotel amenities, the awards won by the property and a glimpse of the spectacular rooms would further enhance the overall look and feel of the lobby and make it more elegant and stunning. 

  • Display Digital Maps On Digital Signage

Utilize hotel lobby digital signage to display a map to ease out the wayfinding process for your guests. Your guests may be exhausted after their tiresome journey and getting confused while trying to find out where to go next may agitate them and leave a bad impression. 

Digital signage displaying the map of the hotel in the lobby area would result in easy navigation for the guests and they would feel valued. 

  • Use Hotel Lobby Digital Signage As A Travel Guide 

There may be many guests who may be first-time visitors to the city. Ease out their experience by showcasing the various tourist attractions of the city, where to go, places worth seeing including museums, parks, major shopping places, etc. 

Simplify their journey further by giving them details about the car rental services and if your hotel has any such facility, you might as well display the detailed information on digital signage. 

  • Display Social Wall On Hotel Lobby Digital Signage 

As mentioned above, since the lobby is the place where visitors are still in the process of getting in touch with the overall vibe of the hotel, showcasing a social wall on Digital signage in the lobby area can take your hotel that extra mile.

Since the first-time visitors of the hotel may be apprehensive about the services and amenities of the hotel, utilize digital signage to display the reviews and testimonials of the previously visited guests.

User-Generated Content is the most powerful and result-driven form of content marketing and it will instill a sense of trust and confidence in the guests and they would be sure of the hotel. 

Motivate your guests to leave their valuable feedback and reviews on their social media accounts and you need a social media aggregator tool to collect, curate and display the content on Digital signage! 

  • Increase Engagement Using Digital Signage

One of the significant uses of utilizing hotel lobby digital signage is to increase engagement. Leverage the digital signage in the lobby area to post about the upcoming events in the hotels. If your hotel is hosting an exhibition or a ramp walk, disclose the details about the event using digital signage. 

Another effective way to increase engagement is by hosting an activity like the Best Picture competition. You can create a fancy setup near the poolside area and motivate your guests to click a picture with their family members or solo and post it on their social media handles using a specific hashtag. 

You can further collect the content using a hashtag aggregator tool and display it on the Digital signage present in the Lobby. It will further accelerate the excitement of the users and compel the other guests to participate too. This is an excellent way to increase engagement and garner more attention from the present guests. 

Final Conclusion

Digital Signages are without a doubt an exceptional tool to amplify user engagement, increase interaction, and ultimately give a boost to sales. 

The hospitality industry is largely leveraging this amazing tool to enhance their communication with their guests and placing Digital signage in the lobby area can surely improve the overall guest experience and engage them more with the hotel amenities and activities.  

Every Hotel should most certainly adopt this amazing marketing tool to boost up their interaction with the guests and if you have not, you can definitely start now! 

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