Hybrid events – The innovative and effective way to host event

The world is going through a difficult situation. And the challenges it has brought in front of humanity. The outbreak of a pandemic, followed by the lockdown, put us in the crisis worst second to the Great Depression and World wars.  And because of the health concerns, organizing a physical event was not a feasible option. Due to this reason, many significant and popular events from all industries got canceled around the world. So the world turned towards virtual solutions, including virtual events. But now we are on the track of recovery. The elephant in the room is the future of virtual events and hybrid events.

The answer is simple Hybrid event. In the future, we are expecting things to go back to normal. And we will again have physical events. But during this era of work from home, people have noticed that virtual events come with several perks. So instead of totally abandoning the virtual event, people will move to hybrid events. And since virtual event platforms can also be used for Hybrid events. So, there won’t be any requirement for the major technological update. But first, let’s see how a hybrid event is different from a virtual event.

What is a Hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an in-person event that is also available to a virtual audience. It can either be live-streamed or available on-demand. Whereas a virtual event is an online event in which participants are connected virtually. Hybrid events can be used for several occasions. These can be conferences, trade shows, fests, award shows, AGMs, Town Halls, and career/job fairs.

For a successful Hybrid event, select a platform or software that provides you with solutions and services that will enable an immersive experience. Also, you can reach a virtual events agency or company that holds experience in hosting virtual and hybrid events.

Reasons for choosing Hybrid event

  1. Save money

Who doesn’t like saving money? And you can save tons of money by switching to Hybrid event technology. It allows you to cut your expenses in several ways. First, you don’t need to rent a large venue since almost everyone can attend your event virtually. Fewer in-person people means fewer expenses on tickets and food.

  1. Time friendly

In a hybrid event, you can invite people from all over the world. All you need is to provide the time of your event, according to different time zones. Not only this, you can provide greater flexibility to your audience by providing access to the on-demand or the recording of your hybrid event.

  1. Take your event to the world

With the hybrid event, you can really cross the geographical barriers. Attendees from any part of the world can attend your event. Often it is seen that enthusiastic people are not able to attend their favorite events. Because they cannot afford to travel to different countries, accommodations, and other costs. You can simply wipe out these limitations.

  1. Higher Returns on Investment

Since you can host a large, global audience without spending money as much as an in-person event, you can get a higher return on investment. In other words, you can host a big-scale event on a smaller budget. Also, you can save resources like staff members in comparison to a similar level physical event.

  1. Engagement options

Hybrid events allow you to be creative in engaging with people. Many virtual/hybrid event platforms offer various tools and features to engage with attendees. Some of these features can include Gamification, Leaderboard, AI matchmaking, social wall, AR photobooth, emoticon integration, Live Q&A, Polls, surveys, and so on. These features will keep your attendees excited and fascinated throughout the event, and they will have a pleasant time.

  1. Greater Networking opportunity

Another advantage of a hybrid event grant is better networking opportunities. In a physical event, you can meet new people in person or directly. But what about a virtual audience?

For them, there are tons of features and tools for networking. Some of these can be dedicated Networking lounges/networking tables, 2-Way interaction, B2B Meeting Scheduler, and option to exchange virtual business cards. Also, you can chat with speakers, experts, and guests who are present at the event. Along with this, you can upload documents. And get notifications about meeting people, attending the session, and visiting the exhibitor’s booth for seamless networking.

  1. Customized exhibitor booth

Many hybrid event platforms present a multitude of features to customize exhibitor’s booths. You can deploy these features for the exhibitor’s in your event. An exhibitor can use features like Dynamic banners, download/upload documents, exchange business cards, B2B meetings scheduler, notifications, and so on; for broader reach. Also, it will assist them in connecting with potential customers much more efficiently. Also, the global audience means global reach, which means higher expected results.

  1. Excellent sponsorship opportunity

It is evident that with the ability to connect with a global audience virtually. A hybrid event has much more potential than its physical counterpart. This means a better value proposition for exhibitors. In other words, you have a better sponsorship opportunity. And don’t forget that the sponsorship directly impacts the budget, production quality, and the status of your event. So you won’t like to miss such an important factor. You can share the strategy, arrangements, and expected number of attendees to sponsors. Also, you show them features like dynamic banners that are available in your event. This will make your sponsors confident about your event.

  1. Readily available feedback

In hybrid/virtual events, you can collect feedback easily. For this, you need to provide an option for your attendees to submit their feedback. Which will be collected through an automated process? It means you don’t need to collect single feedback manually. This is quite convenient and time-saving. This feedback will give essential information about your attendees. This information can be about their preferences, expectations, and opinions. Using this information, you can make the required changes in your next event.

  1. More eco-friendly

The hybrid event requires fewer resources like paper, plastics, and so on. It means you have an eco-friendly event.  For example, an exhibitor needs 100 paper sheets for printing banners, brochures, pamphlets, and other literature. And there are 100 exhibitors, which means 10000 sheets of paper are required for that event. As we all know, wood is needed for producing paper. Which is not suitable for the environment? Now in a hybrid event, the use of paper can be brought down significantly. So it is more environmentally friendly.

Now that you know the benefits of hybrid events, we would like to know your opinion about the same.


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