On-demand grocery apps are increasing in numbers, and their services are in constant demand due to the advantages they provide. Imagine sitting at home, in one place, opening an app, and ordering groceries you need without having to go out, especially during the pandemic period when safety is questionable. A safe mode of getting accessibility to things sounds pleasant.

But safety sometimes may be questioned due to the spread of the virus. It cannot be predicted what precautions one takes if the deliverers and workers are secure and are not infected. Indeed, the pandemic has instilled this fear that will not go anywhere soon. But you can do your part here by launching your Instacart clone app, with the assurance of the precautions and safety measures being taken.

This is the time when there is a need for such services. With the advantages of creating an Instacart Clone App, you can help and be held for your services.

Benefits of Grocery Apps

Grocery apps cater to a vast population by delivering groceries of their wish at a scheduled time and place. They reduce travel expenses, save time and energy for going out. People who are constantly busy with their schedule opt mostly for this means. Due to the fast-moving world, there is an expectancy to develop and deviate from the traditional methods and schemes. Customers can send groceries to their near and dear ones through apps. All we need is their address. There is no pressure to buy anything we do not wish to.

People constantly search for ease in everyday activities. Customers can schedule the delivery timings as per their needs as the person’s availability may be inconsistent, or the want of the goods will be more appropriate at a particular time or day. Besides, grocery apps can help connect various small retailers or grocers to customers of distant regions and gain recognition. Hence, the business will flourish along with e-grocery delivery.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is an American grocery company that offers grocery and pick-up services in the U.S. and Canada. It serves over 5500 cities in both countries. The company offers its services through mobile apps and websites.

Instacart gained a profit of $10 million and had a sales turnover of $35 billion in April 2020, and hired 3,50,000 more employees in the same year.

How does Instacart work?

A buyer adds items to their cart after going through the list of stores around them. After placing an order, a shopper gets notified about their order and visits the store to pick it up; after the payment gets done, the shopper cross-checks and delivers the order to the customer.

An order can be placed and paid in place of someone else for them to receive. Instacart has a monthly and a yearly subscription or membership called Instacart express. Customers who are members get free delivery on orders above $35.

Developing such apps can benefit entrepreneurs in the long run due to the boom of such businesses in the economy.

How to build an Instacart clone app?

There should be three different apps for the three different parties:

  • Customer App
  • Shopper App
  • Admin App

Customer App

The customer app is for the app user and should be hosted on the app store to download. The app should have a good UI/UX experience and have features of good quality. The other features to include here are:

  • The app user should be able to log in, create and set their profile. The customer app will provide an option to sign in through social media.
  • The customer should be given the liberty to choose a store at any location of their preference and buy its listed products.
  • With GPS, the customer can enter and set their delivery location.
  • Add any desired product to the cart.
  • A search bar and a filter option to be specific about the products/price/location/store
  • Creation of a checkout option to place the order.

Shopper App

This app will help maintain a connection with customers and admin end to end. As the customer places the order, the shopper gets notified, then buys the products and delivers them. Features to include in the app are:

  • Log in through Email ID and password
  • List of new orders completed orders along with time and date
  • Option to accept and reject orders and delivery
  • Turn on and off the delivery status
  • Accurate GPS navigation system to locate stores and delivery places
  • In-app chats with customers to maintain contact
  • Receiving orders and payments immediately as the order gets placed
  • The addition of E-wallets helps in getting payment credited immediately

Admin App

Admin plays a fundamental role in running the business. Any defect here will lead to disruption in placing orders and the smooth running of the business. Features to be included are:

  • The admin should have an option to view the order
  • The admin should be able to access and manage the list of inventory
  • For the availability of products, the admin should be given the option to accept or reject the order
  • Access to view review and ratings will make the admin fix any fault in the performance or the app and service

Important points to remember and implement in Instacart clone app development

Targeting customer’s necessities

Thinking from the point of view of customers, ask yourself, “What is it that makes your app unique?”, “What would convert a visitor of the app to become a customer and be loyal to the app?”, “What could you bring into the app to make the ordering experience reliable and easy?” Answering these will help in getting a step ahead of the competitors.

Turn the weakness of your competitors into your strength 

Having a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors can bring in more ideas ideal for your Instacart clone app. Look for ways to turn their weakness into your strength. Check for their app features, functioning of the app, tech stacks, and the possible business strategy to bring all the elements together.

UI/UX performance

The app should provide a good UI/UX experience and be designed with a proper layout. When the customer opens the app, the design must make them want to explore further and run smoothly. Choice of colors and attributes play an excellent role in gaining interest. Hence keeping the layout simple is always the best option.


The word customization may sound complicated, but it can be as simple as featuring products of interest on their feed frequently, suggesting products they buy often.

Furthermore, there are other features to implement:

  • Creation of shopping list
  • Easy search option
  • Add to cart
  • Wish list
  • Popular products
  • Special offers, coupons, and rewards
  • Push notifications
  • Status and live tracking of order
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple delivery times and slots
  • Emergency delivery
  • Meal planning with the ingredients

Monetization of Instacart clone app

There are four ways to monetize your app:

  • Delivery charges
  • Commission
  • Advertising
  • Increasing the price of the product

Reasons to launch Instacart Clone App- Final words

If the business model suits your best interest, choose the Instacart Clone App. There is a tremendous opportunity in the market for the growth of grocery delivery applications. As everything is digitalized, it is high time to make grocery shopping effortless by making it electronic.

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