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Is a Refurbished Computer a Good Purchase or a Short-Lived Investment?

A decent computer comes with a heavy price tag that can put a dent in your savings. You cannot escape its use in the modern world, where even household appliances come with an embedded microprocessor. Many people decide to buy the refurbished items to save money, but the other population is skeptical about their purchase.

You can easily buy a refurbished electrical item on online marketplaces. There are return policies, exchange offers, and whatnot to attract potential buyers. However, there is no guarantee over the future of the product as the technology advancement can leave them outdated.

Here, we will go through the different pros and cons of buying a refurbished computer to help the readers decide the best fit for their requirements.

Pros of Buying a Refurbished Computer

  1. Better Price

The major reason to buy a refurbished computer is the price difference between new and used. A new computer can lose 20% of the value once it is unboxed. Also, it makes no sense to pay the original price for a year-old technology.

If you are not a heavy user, it is recommended to explore the refurbished section for mid-range computers. The models are good for another 2-5 years at a reasonable price. You can take 12-month loans with no credit check from a direct lender to buy a refurbished computer with minimal stress of repayment.

  1. Reviews

Many computers are launched with some great marketing strategies and under a lot of media attention. The speculations are enough to invite thousands of purchases without a review. Instead, it is wise to go for a product with some great feedback from your industry.

These already-launched models are readily available in the online stores as used items. You will have some assurance before buying a computer for professional use. The price is reasonable, and the reviews from verified buyers are there in thousands.

  1. No Manufacturer Faults

The products from the manufacturers go through mass testing. They went through several quality tests before they are sent to the stores. Still, a few of those million computers have some fault from the manufacturing process.

Refurbished items are used, tested, and then sold to other buyers. There is little to no risk of manufacturing damage that can make you visit the service center.

  1. Secure Purchases

You are not buying a second-hand product from someone you met online. The refurbished items are sold on the trusted marketplaces from licensed sellers. Nobody will sell you a copy of some original product and leave the phone unattended.

You can check the reviews of the seller on the platform before the purchase. This will help you decide whether to trust the buyer or not. Do not fall for the fake reviews on some less popular sites as they often misguide the buyers.

  1. Upgraded Specs

There are certain components in the new computer or laptops that require an upgrade right after the purchase. This considerably increases the overall cost of the item because of the expensive new item. Add the efforts to find and install the component to the overhead of upgrading the computer.

Refurbished computers often come with upgraded specs from their previous owners. This reduces the cost of those new components as well. You don’t have to spend hours on the internet to find the right upgrade.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

Humans are disposing of above 40 million metric tons of e-waste in the environment. It contains toxic gases and some precious metals that are not friendly to the environment. Therefore, electronic recycling item is an initiative towards a better future.

The refurbished computers are a part of the recycling process as they may end up in those landfills. You are using the earth resources for the same product already manufactured. Therefore, you should consider refurbishing if you want to contribute to the environment.

Cons of Buying a Refurbished Computer

  1. Limited Warranty

New laptops or computers come with a warranty of at least a year from the manufacturer. This covers every malfunction except the physical damage after the purchase. You can extend the warranty or buy some insurance to cover every damage with the purchase.

On the other hand, you only get a few months of warranty on the refurbished items. These are not from the manufacturers but are covered by the sellers. Also, there is no guarantee whether the insurance company will offer their services for a refurbished item.

  1. Rejected Product

You don’t have the exact reason for the original buyer to sell their computer. They may have rejected it for some strong reason. Many organizations return their computer and other hardware because of some serious fault.

You can live in peace with a new computer as they are not rejected. There is no risk of the manufacturing fault returning after a few months of use. Some sellers even make the items refurbished with only the reinstallation of the OS.

  1. No Personalisation Option

You get the option to decide the color, components, and other important features of a new computer. You can choose the components based on your requirements. It can save you money on some unnecessary heavy specs or future upgrades.

Refurbished items already have parts installed with no option to make changes to the components. You can only select the model, the set of components is preinstalled. Therefore, refurbished computers are not recommended if you want a long list of changes to the original model.

  1. Outdated Model

Technology advancement requires constant upgrades of computers and other devices. The modern software may not run on the older hardware configuration because of compatibility issues. You will be forced to either upgrade the component or the whole computer within a year or two.

The high-end laptops or computers can be used for at least 2-5 years, even for heavy usage. You don’t have to upgrade their component only to spend more money frequently. The latest professional software will run without a single lag on these latest machines.

  1. Limited Life of Components

There is no guarantee for the life of components over the provided 90 days warranty. You have no idea about the age of the components installed in the system. They can be new or old from even a computer older than the purchased item.

These uncertainties can cost some serious repair money in the future. The battery is often the same because of the little use in the past. Other components that may require a change shortly are the display and motherboard.

  1. No Guidance

You need guidance to buy used items, or else you may lose money on an expensive deal. Some experts can help you with the best product that suits your requirement. It will take some time before the specification is found closest to your average use.

Even after the product is found, there is no guarantee of a reasonable price. The seller can ask for anything they want in the refurbished item’s lack of a retail price. Someone with the knowledge of technology and its cost can help you decide.


To sum up, your requirement and assistance can decide whether the refurbished computer is ideal for your use. If budget is an issue, you should check the refurbished items as no discount can compete with their prices. However, you should go for the new computers if you want assurance for more than 3 months after the purchase

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