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Batteries are needed for many things and this is also true for a hearing aid. Every hearing aid needs batteries. Knowing what kind of batteries your electronic hearing aid needs and how to replace them is an important aspect of getting to know your new device. Batteries play an important role in how your hearing will function from now on.

Replacing the batteries in your hearing aid is one of the ongoing costs you will incur. Talk to your hearing care professional in detail about the type of batteries your device needs. He or she should show you how to use them properly and how to test them to make sure they work.

How long the battery lasts in a hearing aid depends on its type, its power requirements and how many hours a day it is used. Battery life can range from a few days to several weeks.

Hearing aid batteries come in different sizes. The size and power requirements of each hearing aid are not the same. Typically, they come in one of five different sizes: 5, 10, 13, 312 or 675. When buying batteries, it’s a good idea to compare prices from one brand to another. They can get expensive, so look for special deals or buy them in bulk. You may even want to join a battery club to save money.

You can conserve battery life by turning off the device when it’s not in use. Check with your hearing care professional to see if you should remove the battery from the hearing aid at night or open the battery compartment.

To prolong the life of replacement batteries, store them in a cool, dry (Long Dry battery price in Pakistan )place in your home. The refrigerator is not an ideal place, as the moisture present there can reduce battery life.

You should not carry loose batteries around in your purse or a jacket pocket. Coins or keys coming into contact with the batteries could cause a short circuit. Keep them in their original packaging until you need them. Taking them out of the packaging and letting them roll around together in a drawer can also cause a short circuit.

Before inserting the battery into your hearing instrument, pull off the paper tab. The purpose of the paper tab is to extend the life of the battery from the time it is developed until it is used. When you remove the paper tab, use it as a reminder of when you last changed the batteries by putting the tab on your calendar.


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