Mobile apps – 4 types and advantages

It won’t be wrong at all to say that we are dependent on our mobile phones for most things. With the increase in the use of mobile phones, the demand for mobile apps is also increasing. We can also say that having a mobile app has become essential for an organization or a business firm. The duty of an organization or a business is not only limited to serve its customers with their goods and services. But also to clear the doubts and queries of its clients is also important. It may also include post-sale services. All these activities can be performed smoothly by a business firm through a mobile app.

A mobile app not only helps in services clients but also contributes to making a client base. A mobile can be brought into use for several purposes. There is no limit on the use of a mobile app. It would depend upon the business organization that how benefits it can extract from a mobile app. You can get a customized for your firm from an app builder. However, there are several advantages to have a mobile app for your business.

The success that a mobile app can help you to gain will also depend upon the way you use the mobile app. Different companies use different approaches to use mobile app for business purposes. Some organizations may use it for advertisement purposes or other organizations may use it for clearing the doubts of their customers. However, irrespective of the use of the organization, the main motive to have a mobile for a business organization is to increase the easiness for its customers. So that it becomes easy for both the customer and organization to communicate with each other.

The following are the types of apps used for business purposes:

  • Task resolution apps: this sort of app helps the user to perform tasks and avail the services of the organization, whether regularly available or remotely available. This type of apps helps the user in gaining access to the data of the organization such as a worker may use it to have a database of the customers or a car driver may use it to control the functions of its car.
  • Loyalty apps: this kind of apps, as the name suggests, helps an organization to gain the loyalty of its customers. Depending upon the loyalty scores, the customers are given offers and discounts through the loyalty apps. These services and offers give the customers a reason to come back and enjoy the benefits.
  • Entertainment apps: These kinds of apps are also a source of gaining customers. By providing entertainment to customers, their loyalty can be gained.
  • Customer service apps and chatbox: These kinds of apps are very helpful to both the customers and the organization. It makes it easy for both to interact with each other. If a customer is facing any sort of issue with the product of the company can send queries through this app. As soon as the query is received from the customer, the company shall start working on resolving the query. The customer will feel satisfied after the query has been resolved and will have a positive impact on its mind.

These are a few types of mobile apps. However, apart from the types of mobile apps. The following given points are the benefits of having a business mobile app.

  • Serve your customers in a better way: yes, it is true that a mobile app helps a business organization to serve its customers in a better way. Let us help you to understand how it can be helpful? Let us understand it with two different situations. In situation one, the business does not have any mobile app. In the second situation, the business has a mobile app. Now, in situation one where an organization does not have a mobile app. A person wants to know about the services that the organization provides or he/she has a query related to any service of the organization. To confirm the query he/she would have to call the organization or even may have to wait in the queue before the call connects. It will take a lot of time and may even cause frustration to the customer. But if the organization has a mobile app then he can check all the information from the app and can put a message in the chatbox to confirm the query. It will save time and effort both for the client and the organization.
  • It helps in creating a brand image: the more easiness you will provide to the customers the more interest they would show in your organization. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to provide easiness to clients.
  • Gain the loyalty of the customers: as already stated above, loyalty apps are used to provide offers and discounts to the clients through the loyalty scores they earn on the app. These little discount offers will help the loyal customers in saving a good amount of money. However, by providing a discount to the client, the organization will be able to achieve good and loyal customers.
  • A way of improvement: you must be wondering that how an app can be a way of improvement. Let us explain to you how. An app will also have the option of feedback. Customers will be giving their feedback in the feedback box. It will have both sorts of feedback, positive and negative. The company will have to consider the negative feedback and make improvements in its services. This way, the company will be able to make improvements in its services.
  • Helps in having an edge over competitors: as already stated above, an app used for business purposes will help in gaining the loyalty of customers, will help to serve them in a better way, will provide offers to customers, will consider the feedbacks of customers, etc. All these things help in retaining old customers and making new customers.

These are the advantages of having an app for business purposes. However, you can look for app builders online on the web. Intelikart is also one of the mobile app builders.


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