Outstanding Tools To Embed Social Media Feeds Widget On Shopify

Over the years, Shopify has emerged as one of the most efficient and effective eCommerce platforms for online stores. Online stores are largely leveraging Shopify to increase their brand presence and awareness.

Since majorly all brands have a solid social media presence, they are getting innovative by integrating their social media feeds widget on their Shopify stores to garner more attention, brand visibility, and eventually for growth in their conversions and sales. Shopify is perfect for all eCommerce-related solutions.

Amazing Examples Of Various Social Media Feeds:

There are various social media platforms and the content on every social media platform is called a feed. Simply put, a feed is a content published by the users which can be seen by their followers. A few examples of social media feeds are Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Feed.  


A). Instagram Feed – Instagram feed is the first thing which you see when you log in to your account. The content which you see is created by the people you are following and similarly, they will see your content on their feeds. You can react to the feed by double-tapping to like the post and click on the comment box to add a comment.  

B). Facebook Feed – Much like Instagram, a Facebook feed is the content that you see when you log into your account. You can react to the post created by the person you are following by liking the post or by long-pressing, you can select the emoji which suits the post best. You can also add a comment by clicking on the comment box and adding the comment. Facebook gives the option to share the post via your feed to spread more awareness.  

C). Twitter Feed – Like the other platforms, Twitter feed is referred to the content created by the people you are following. The posts on Twitter are known as ‘Tweets’. The only difference lies within the nature of Twitter. Since Twitter is used as a microblogging platform, the content published by users is mostly based on the latest news, updates, Bollywood gossips, or any ongoing controversy.  

Best Tools To Embed Social Media Feeds Widget On Website –

Social Media acts as a perfect platform where people openly express their views and talk about your brand. Using User-Generated Content on your Shopify can prove to be highly effective for your brand growth and sales.

There are many social media aggregators in the market using which you can easily embed your social media feed widget on your website.

We are listing the best tools using which you can easily embed your Social media widget on your website.

Let’s get started!

1. Tagembed Widget

This is one of the best UGC platforms to efficiently embed your social media feeds on your website. Tagembed has its integrations with various website building platforms like Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, HTML, Weebly, and many more.

It collects content from over 15+ platforms and you even have the option to choose content from various sources like hashtags, mentions, handles, etc. It offers the option to customize your widget as per your requirements and the overall look and feel of your website.

Apart from this, It also offers the option to moderate the content with the help of the advanced moderation panel where you can monitor the content and remove any unwanted or obscene content from the widget.

Monitoring the widget is extremely important and crucial and Tagembed understands the significance of gaining insightful analytics to keep a track of the total impressions, number of clicks, number of visitors, and other detailed information for improvement.

2. Flow-Flow Social Media Feed

Flow-Flow social media feed is another efficient tool to embed social media feeds on your Shopify account.

It can effectively fetch content from around 14+ social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and many more. You can easily adjust the width and height of the widget as per your screen size. The platform also provides the option to customize the feed as per your requirements and needs.

3. Social Media Stream

This social media feed widget for Shopify supports content from various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The posts get updated automatically on the widget and are supported by all kinds of devices like tablets or smartphones.

4. Widgetic Social Feeds

Using Widgets you can embed social media feeds on Shopify and create a grid on the website that updates automatically. The feeds are easily customizable as per your needs and requirements. This tool is highly responsive and works well on mobile devices, tablets, and screens of any size.

5. Showcase

Using Showcase, you can effectively convert the User Generated Content into the best Shoppable galleries and display it on your Shopify account. Showcase allows you to tag products within video and photo posts to create a gallery.

This widely helps in increasing your brand’s visibility and social proof all at the same time.

Wrapping It Up

Embedding Social Media Feeds Widget on Shopify helps a great deal in increasing your brand value and eventually your conversions and sales.

Social media is a platform where people are already talking about your brand openly. You might as well make use of social media and collect User-Generated Content and publish it on your Shopify account to gain the faith of your audience and increase your following.

Using any of the above tools, you can efficiently embed your content on Shopify and skyrocket your sales!

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