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Technicians Diagnosing Cell Phones & Phone Repairs in Vancouver

Smartphones can malfunction at times, similar to tablets and computers.  Smartphones can suffer damages with time, or we let our devices get damaged by mistakes. However, with the rising number of phone damages in Vancouver, the need for repair technicians has augmented. Different repair shops in Vancouver offer smartphone repairs to mobile phone users; however, all repair shops are not equally matched when it comes to repairing cell phones with quality and pricing. Today, smartphone brands are numerous, and so does the phone repairs in Vancouver. Sometimes, only a DIY (Do It Yourself) solution can do the trick with phone repairs; still, consulting a cell phone repair service remains the quickest and the most affordable option to cell phone users more often than not.

3 Ways in Which Smart Phones Are Diagnosed by Repair Technicians Today:-

The following three areas represent the components and functions of your smartphone to help technicians proceed with the repair after diagnosing the problem:

  • Functional Symmetry: Modern-day smartphones have a Logic Board and a Motherboard looped into the circuit board, forming a unit. In this functional symmetry, faults maybe with the touch screen, infective charging system, erratic keyboard, dead USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, camera, and more.
  • The Assembly: Different hardware components are assembled in a cell phone that may be disassembled, causing your cell phone to function properly. The faults may be with your cell phone’s buttons, earpiece, loudspeaker, internal LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), etc.
  • Network Configuration, Reception,  and Transmission: Commonly, cell phone users encounter network problems with a malfunction in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity).

Once the technicians find out the problem a cell phone is encountering; they proceed with the repair, which may include one of the following:

  • Smashed or Cracked Screen: Screen damage is the most common cause of internal damage to your cell phone, and it is the typical damage that cell phone users encounter. Repair technicians replace the broken cell phone screens to fix smashed or cracked screens.
  • Liquid Damage: Liquid damage occurs when cell phones come in contact with water or any other liquid. It can damage the circuitry of cell phones, besides hardware components or motherboards. It is not simple damage to get fixed; still, cell phone technicians successfully fix water-damaged cell phones most of the time.
  • Charging Connector Fault: The charging connector often does not fault, but this damage can occur if your cell phone becomes old or encounters a short-circuit. The problems associated with this include a broken/faulty dock or USB connector. However, the technicians are experts at phone repairs in Vancouver, so this uncommon problem does not take long for them to get fixed.
  • Cell Phone Unlock: No cell phone user wants cell phones to get locked; however, cell phones can unlock if we do not remember our security code or accidentally enter the wrong information. Fortunately, cell phone repair technicians have the right expertise and knowledge to unlock cell phones, Android and iPhones. Nonetheless, iPhones unlocking take more time than Android phones.
  • Connectivity: Sometimes, weak network signals are the reason behind connectivity issues in our cell phones. Nevertheless, connectivity issues can also get fixed once the technician identifies the main cause of them. Problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may also be the reason behind the poor connectivity of our cell phones.
  • Audio Output: A malfunctioning sound system, speaker, microphone, or ringer may be the cause behind the faulty audio output in our cell phone. Sometimes, the headphone socket is damaged or disconnected, and volume control buttons are damaged, hurting our cell phone audio. Cell phone repair technicians recover cell phone’s audio to make their customers happy and use their cell phones, producing the audio output, faulted for any reason.
  • Phone Crash: This is not common damage, but it can also occur. You may be retrieving your cell phone data or formatting your system and experience a phone crash making your cell phone dead. Repair technicians as repair experts can make your dead cell phone working again.


There are different kinds of damages our cell phones can encounter, but all of those can be fixed by cell phone repair technicians renowned for phone repairs in Vancouver. Here is the summary of those damages:

  1. Screen damage is the most common damage that our cell phones might encounter.
  2. Sometimes, our cell phones come into contact with a liquid and suffer water damage.
  3. Cell phone charging connectors can also fault owing to a short circuit.
  4. Cell phones often get locked by mistakes, and it is not impossible to get fixed.
  5. Weak network signals in our cell phones may cause our cell phones to suffer connectivity issues.
  6. Audio output is also one of the main issues our cell phones might encounter.
  7. Phone crash is the least common fault that cell phones might encounter, but dead cell phones can also be fixed.

Cell Doctor ( is an authorized repair service in Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Prince George, and Burnaby that performs cell phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches repairs at affordable rates.

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