MatchGroup, the largest online dating app group that owns all popular dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Match, and others, recorded a steep increase in its users, accounting for above 10.7 million paid users.

In the present pandemic situation, due to social distancing and other limitations, people are opting for dating apps due to exclusive features like one-to-one chat, live chat, interactive communication modes, and user-centric features that enhance user engagement.

“Research reveals that over 270 million users were using dating apps as of 2020, and the number is consistently increasing over time.” 

Building a dating app with premium features like Live Video Calling API can generate revenue. With several apps out already, user-specific and feature-oriented apps are going to rule the online dating industry!

Ready-to Integrate Chat Platform APIs for Dating Apps

Instead of building a Dating app with all advanced functionalities from scratch, the best possible solution is integrating API, which comes with all premium features. The type of API you pick decides the launch of new features, including UX/UI responsiveness. 

So, Here is the list of the topmost reliable and useful APIs to consider while you Build your own Dating app!

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Realtime Messaging API for Dating Platform With Authentication and Validation Features

1. FusionAuth

FusionAuth is a RESTful API that comes with functionalities to enable login, registration, and advanced user management features into your app easily. 

In any dating app, authentication is the key feature of an Chat API to reduce multiple, redundant, or even fake profile creations and improves brand loyalty.

Features: Single Sign-on(SSO), Passwordless login, social media enabled logins, username filtering, anomalous login detection.

 Supporting Platforms: Linux, Docker, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Typescript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and

others.Price: Starts at $125 per month for the Developer Plan

2. Zero Bounce

Zero Bounce is an AI-driven Email Validation API that guarantees 98% + accuracy on validating bulks of an email list in real-time is something that a dating app must have!

When you build a dating app, validating users helps remove the fake profiles, reduces spamming, and alerts blacklisted IP and domain.

Features: Secure email validation, multiple API keys, 24×7 customer support.

Supporting Platforms: Android, IOs, Java, Javascript, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Go.

Price: Free for up to 100 emails, and paid plans start from $16.

3. MessageBird

MessageBird is a two-way authentication (2FA) API, which allows an additional layer of account security, verifies user passwords, and uses a second authentication token to secure user data.

Any Real-time chat API for dating app must always have 2FA; thus, message bird API is one of the best API that provides this functionality. 

Features: Scalability, SMS, and voice messages in 26 languages, alerts.

Supporting Platform: Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, and C#.

Price: Free up to 50 active users; paid plan for 500 users is $50/month.

Notifications & Group chat API for Dating Apps

4. One Signal

One Signal API supports mobile, web, and in-app push messaging and offers emails and messaging solutions with extensive documentation and analytics tools.

Any Dating app should have a message alert and notification system, so no user misses any critical message. 

Features: In-app push notifications, automated messaging, Superior Segmentation of users.

Supporting Platform: Java, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and others.

Price: Free plan for unlimited push subscribers.

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Geolocations Based Best Chat SDK for Dating App

5. Google’s Geolocation API 

The geolocation API enables real-time user experiences with live routes and places integrated with Google Maps.

Many popular dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid have geolocation integration as it allows users to meet in real life with localized users.

Features: Accuracy of location detection and the localization algorithm.

Supporting Platforms: All

Price:  $200 free monthly usage

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In-App Chat API for Dating Apps

6. CONTUS MirrorFly 

CONTUS MirrorFly offers the Best in-app Chat API for dating apps and advanced features that are easy to integrate and use. 

While CONTUS MirrorFly is an API that also provides Video Calling API for dating apps. Social interactions can become more lively with live video chats; dating apps must adapt these features for better user engagement.

Features: emoji and stickers, stories and engagement, in-app chat messaging, conferencing calls, spam protection, auto-moderation tool, GDPR compliant.

Supporting Platform: Cross-Platform

Price: Custom Pricing

Social-Focused APIs for Dating App

7. Imgix 

Imgix is a powerful end-to-end image processing API, which can transform, optimize, cache intelligently a user’s complete image library from fast websites and apps using robust URL parameters.

Chat platforms API for Dating app should always have an image optimization feature to let users set profile pictures and add photos in stories and posts. 

Features: real-time image resizing, Image and text overlay, DPR transformation, Smart cropping, remote URL fetch, auto-tagging, fast CDN.

Supporting platforms: All

Price: $3/1000 Images

8. Facebook Graph API 

The Graph API by Facebook allows apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph. A Dating app with a social platform login is very influential. 

Hence, Graph API is sure to integrate API while you build a dating app.

Features: Allows facebook based login into apps and allows direct sharing of posts, photos onto Facebook from apps, images and video uploads, group chat.

Supporting Platform: Android, ios, Javascript

Price:  200x number of users per hour

9. Random Profile

Random Profile is a Single-use API that generates random profiles of users for swift and database testing. 

This API is practical to use when you build a dating app as you can just set the parameter you want to run the test on and get the desired results. 

Features: Allows testing directly on the website.

Supporting Platform: Rapid API

Price: Unlimited usage Free.

Analytics Oriented API

10. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is an all-in-one service API with a robust data reporting infrastructure and connects results with insights.

Any business requires google analytics to track and measure insights about audience usage and more.

Features: are cohorts, lifetime value, Flow visualization, audience tracking, metric expressions, multiple date range.

Supporting Platform : Works on all platforms and devices!

Price: Free and paid for enterprise use


An API that provides functionality to integrate app analytics and marketing. While building a dating app, you need to look for an API that will allow you to run omnichannel campaigns and deliver several million push notifications in under a minute.

Features: syncs user insights from the app’s offline and online channel, segment users based on actions, and run campaigns accordingly. 

Supporting Platforms: All

Price: free for 1000 event records per API call.

Specfic To Dating Apps

12. Love Calculator API

Love Calculator REST API allows users to enter the name and name of partner/crush to know the compatibility status of a relationship. 

For a dating app, match finding is an essential factor, and to determine the match, this Love calculator API is beneficial.

Features:Single-purpose API,  and this API will help you build a matching algorithm.

Supporting Platforms: All

Price: Free

13. Crush Detector

Crush Detector is an API that predicts the relationship status. AI-powered API lets you detect the kind of conversation a user will likely have.

Features: Word-based searches and analyzes the words to determine the type of relationship a user will end with their crush. 

Supporting Platforms: All. 

Price: Free and paid plans.

Building Successful Dating Apps 

To build your dating app, you might choose the APIs from the above list and save a lot of time, money and scale up your business. 

Apart from the above APIs integrating video conferencing API in dating apps will make your app unique among other apps. 

Dating app usage is sure to increase in the next coming years, and the market for best-performing apps will inflate!

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