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Top Free Portable Duplicate File Finder Program For Windows

Are you running out of space on your hard drive? Do you often get messages of disk space running out? Are you planning to buy a new disk as your current is filled to the brim? If the answer for the above question is yes, then we have a solution for you. The hard disk of our system is responsible for storing all types of data, i.e. images, videos, music, documents. But apart from that many of the users didn’t notice a lot of duplicate files that remain along with original files and keep on eating the space of their hard disk unnecessarily.

Now if a user tries to locate and delete these duplicates files then it will not only take ages but also he will end up deleting the original files instead of the duplicate copies. So, the perfect solution to remove duplicate files from your computer is using a duplicate cleaner tool that can clean all the duplicate copies from your system.

In this article we have summed up 7 best duplicate photo cleaners and duplicate file cleaners that are not only free to use but also are portable software, which means you don’t need to install them. Also they can be taken along in a portable storage device to be used even on the go.

Duplicate Files Search & Link

When you think of a free as well as portable duplicate file finder tool then Duplicate Files Search & Link should be obviously on the priority.

Apart from finding and removing the duplicates this tool helps to perform multiple other actions on them like replacing the duplicates with hard/symbolic links, moves files to desired folder, compress them and many more.

It’s intuitive user interface shows you the total number of duplicates scanned, their size, and many more statistics after the completion of the scan.

To get started with Duplicate Files Search & Link follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start Search button and select the folder that you want to scan for duplicates.
  2. Now, edit the scan settings as per your preference like including or excluding the files, setting the minimum/maximum and more.
  3. Once done press the Start button to initiate the scan process.
  4. After the completion of scan, you will be presented with a complete list of duplicate files.


AllDup is another duplicate photo and file finder tool for Windows that is completely free to use.

This amazing tool provides you with various options to locate the duplicate files i.e. by file name, file extension, content, size, creation date and modification date.

Using this tool is also quite simple Before starting the scanning process, it lets you pick the folders on which the duplicates are stored. Once you have selected the folder(either one or two) then you can pick the search method, customize the mode of comparison as per your preference, and then start the scan.

Apart from the duplicate file finder, AllDup has an inbuilt file manager that can help you move or copy the files, rename them and many such operations to organize your files.

To get started with AllDup follow the steps below:

  1. Select the source folder from where you wish to find the duplicates, select the comparison/search method, and more.
  2. Once you have set the parameter for scanning, hit the Start Search button, to start the process of finding the duplicates
  3. Once the scan completes, all duplicates will be listed. You can even export or print the results.

Easy Duplicate Finder

Moving on with our list of duplicate photo cleaner tools, Easy Duplicate Finder is another simple yet powerful tool, that scans your drive and folders for the duplicates residing in them.

Its unique feature of retaining duplicates(if a user wants) with a different file name gives it an upper edge over other duplicate finder tools.

The product is packed with different features that can help you to set the comparison method, exclude files/folders from being scanned, skip symbolic links, skip compressed files, select file(minimum/maximum) size and many more. However, if you are a novice user then you do not need to worry about all these features, and you can skip the advanced mode and go with easy mode.

Let’s check out the process of finding duplicates using Easy Duplicate Finder:

  1. Start the application and add the folders or directories to scan. You can even select the folders that you wish to exclude from the scan.
  2. If you are an advanced user then you can customize the settings like selecting the file size, folder comparison etc.
  3. Once you have customized the settings hit the START SCAN button and it will display all the duplicate files that exist in that folder/directory.
  4. Next you have different options along with deleting duplicates like moving the duplicates to another folder or even renaming them.


CloneSpy is another portable duplicate file finder tool for Windows. It comes with both portable as well as basic installation version, that a user can choose from. Although the user interface doesn’t look user friendly especially for the novice users, however, it is still a good free tool to keep your device free from duplicates.

To get started with CloneSpy follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Pool 1 and then add the folders. You can create another Pool, Pool 2 and add the folder in it if required.
  2. From the right side select the scan mode. You can also customize the settings like detecting the duplicate with the same name, extensions etc.
  3. After customizing the settings, press the Start scan button to find all the duplicates that exist on your hard drive.

Duplicate Commander

As the name specifies Duplicate Commander helps you to quickly scan and remove the duplicates that exist on multiple folders of your system.

Apart from the basic scanning and deletion of duplicate files it also provides advanced selection features to select the duplicates on the basis of the newest file, largest file, smallest file and other. You can even exclude the folders from the scan.

Let’s learn how to use Duplicate Commander to remove the duplicates.

  1. Start the program and add folders and directories containing the duplicates.
  2. Once added click the Search button to start the scanning process on the added folders and directories.
  3. After the scan completes, you can either delete the duplicates or create hard links for the selected files.

Duplicate Files Finder

If you are looking for a portable tool to clean the duplicate files from your machine that do not need to be installed then you can go with Duplicate Files Finder.

The ultra fast scan engine of the application helps you to quickly scan the folders for the duplicates on the basis of content. And once the scan completes you can remove the detected duplicates either by removing them or creating links.

Now, let’s loon on the steps to find and remove duplicates using Duplicate Files Finder.

  1. Open the program and browse to the directory that you want to scan.
  2. Now add the search options like minimum/maximum file size, include file types, exclude file types.
  3. Once done click on the Go button to begin the process of searching the duplicates. This will display all the duplicate files along with the original files along with the file path. Now navigate to the file path and delete the duplicate file manually.

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If you have used the Search For Files And Folders module of Windows, then you will find the SearchMyFiles program almost similar to it. Basically, the program allows you to search for the files by last created, modified and accessed time, however with version 1.35, SearchMyFiles also allows you to search for the duplicate files that exist on your system.

In order to use this feature, you have to change the search mode in the ‘Search Options’ window to ‘Duplicates Search’.

How to use SearchMyFiles for finding duplicates

  1. When you are using Duplicates Search’ mode, the program will scan all files and folders according to the settings you have chosen.
  2. Now, once the scan is finished, the program will find all the duplicate files and add them to the file list located on the main screen window.
  3. SearchMyFiles also automatically mark the duplicate files.


So folks these were 7 best free portable duplicate photo finder and file finder software that will help you to free your hard drive from all types of duplicates.


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