Washing Machine Buying Guide- How to Choose a Washing Machine?

The big pile of clothes staring back at you? No matter how big it is, wash them all at one go! A washing machine definitely wins hearts by making laundry days so easy and comfortable. From semi-automatic to fully automatic the need for your interference has been so limited. While you set the settings and leave for work, your machine does all the washing for you. If you are convinced to buy one but confused about the model and type, read on. It is true that the large availability of models and features have made it very difficult to choose one. However, if you are sure about what you want your washing machine to be and do for you, it will be easy. There are a few very important factors, consider them while you make a decision and you will end up having the best product from the best washing machine company in India.

Choose the type of washing machine

There are two types of washing machines in the market, a top load and a front load washing machine. If you compare, both have different perks and drawbacks. Again, you need to make the decision based on your individual needs. If you have a low budget, you need to go for a top-load, as a front load washer is expensive. For the huge capacity of washing a top load will be good. For effective and deep cleaning the front load is ideal. Similarly, there are various features and you need to understand what suits you best. A simple top load washer is the one that has an opening from the top, and the front load has the opening from the low front. Cleaning is more effective in front load, and it is costly too. A top load is affordable and gives you a quick wash cycle.

Full automatic vs semi-automatic

You will find various models that say best semi-automaticwashing machine and fully automatic, both are good in their own ways. Now you need to think about what you want and how much time you can give to your washing machine. If you are too busy to interfere, you need a fully automatic washing machine that needs no help from you. However, if your budget is low and you can manage some time, you can go for a semi-automatic washing machine. In a fully automatic washing machine, you just need to put in your clothes, detergent and start the machine, and you are done. However, in semi-automatic, you need to do the same things along with changing water and other things too.

Energy efficiency rating

When you buy a washing machine, make sure you check the energy rating of the model. It takes up a lot of energy consumption while you wash your clothes. Going for an energy-efficient model will give you low consumption bills monthly. Always look for the models that come up with energy ratings like 5 stars and 4-star models. This will help you in the long run.


The load and capacity need to be decided by you based on your washing requirements. You need to choose a washing machine that is sufficient for your household washing goals. It will help you handle your laundry in a better way.

Wrapping up

The best washing machine company in India is LG. If you see the washing machine catalog of LG you will find an amazing collection of the best semi-automatic washing machine and others too.

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