Many travelers believe that London is the main beauty of England. Yes, its gothic houses, bridges over the Thames and modern urban areas will impress everyone, but let’s be honest. The soul of England is hidden in its surroundings – in charming rural landscapes, medieval villages and cozy uninhabited coastlines.

Do you want to enjoy it? Pick up Keddy car hire at Stansted Airport located 60 miles from London. This will allow you to better plan your trip and avoid the traffic of the big city.

We have prepared a list of the most amazing English towns. Check it out and you will know exactly where to go on your upcoming vacation…

Amberley, West Sussex

image source: Flickr

Amberley is fully consistent with the title of a typical medieval village. Thatched houses, picturesque landscapes, flowering fields, calm lakes, gardens with roses and magnolias will make you think you are in the Middle Ages. Another iconic element is the medieval castle, which has been turned into a hotel. Here you can spend a couple of nights and completely immerse yourself in the life of the era of King Henry VIII.

You will find Amberley 58 miles from London. Therefore, a trip in a hire car will take about an hour and a half.


Kersey, Suffolk

image source: Flickr

Kersey is located near Ipswich, so you have to drive about 80 miles to get there from London in your hire car. The village consists of a crossroads and several lanes, with fabulous thatched-roof frame houses. According to one version, woolen fabric was invented there. In the Middle Ages, it was actively produced and sold in Kersey, until competitors from the Netherlands lured customers away.

The cobbled central street, the Augustinian monastery and the St. Mary’s Church seem to have come to life in a painting by a medieval artist. Wicker pots with flowers hang on the colorful facades of the houses. All this looks so unusual that you want to touch each detail. When you’re tired of exploring, stop for lunch at a local 14th-century rustic pub.


Clovelly, Devon

image source: Flickr

Clovelly fishing village is a single long cobblestone street. Colorful houses rise on both sides, and the village itself lies in a crevasse in a cliff leading to the waters of Bristol Bay. The landscapes opening from here are simply impressive.

The village would seem like a backdrop for some fairytale movie if it weren’t so habitable. Any transport is prohibited in Clovelly – locals and tourists walk on foot. Although, of course, you can only get there with a hire car.


Ilfracombe, North Devon

image source: Flickr

Ilfracombe is not quite a village. This is rather a tiny resort town famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque nature and charming whitewashed houses. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and surfing. Popular attractions include a lovely tea garden, an aquarium and many cozy coffee shops.

Only the eerie statue of the gloomy sculptor Damien Hirst dilutes all this beauty. This is a kind of interpretation of the Goddess of Justice, which the creator presented in the form of a naked pregnant woman with a sword and scales in her hands.


Bibury, Gloucestershire

image source: Flickr

Driving your hire car to Bibury will give you unforgettable emotions. An extraordinary idyll reigns in the village. Fields bloom with bright colors, honey bees are buzzing over the flower beds, swans are swimming in the canals, and wicker fences are located around the stone houses.

Generally, not more than 600 people live there, who are trying with all their might to preserve the magical beauty of their village. And they succeed, despite the huge flow of travelers.

By the way, Bibury is also famous for filming the detective series about Miss Marple and Bridget Jones’s Diary.


Pluckley, Kent

image source: Flickr

Visiting this village is not recommended for the faint of heart. Pluckley is a mystical settlement, which the locals call the ‘Ghost Sanctuary’.

The village has long been the most visited in Britain. Once upon a time, Pluckley was even included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most haunted British village. In the book you can read about 12 ghosts living there. However, locals claim that now there are many more mystical neighbors there.


Port Sunlight, Merseyside

image source: Flickr

Port Sunlight fully justifies its name. It’s a cheerful village with more than 30 architects working on its romantic design. The graceful houses built in typical English style are similar to each other, but each has its own characteristic detail. The whole village with its monuments, bright flower beds and a church looks like it was painted in watercolors.

Port Sunlight is located 209 miles from London. A one-way trip in your hire car will take about 4 hours, so you will probably need to stay there overnight. However, no worries! The chic Leverhulme boutique hotel welcomes you with sweeping royal staircases and offers a glass of good wine in the evening.

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