How to enjoy the Monsoon season? Best Ways to Enjoy Monsoon

Well, the most important thing that you should know about the monsoon season in India is that in Monsoon season, it will rain a lot. There is an aura of freshness in the air. Everything looks green as if someone has painted scenery.


Besides, you can also explore some of the best places to visit in India in monsoon; you can do traveling and can enjoy doing some other activities. So, the monsoon is often quite an enjoyable season. One can also travel during this time as the monsoon doesn’t happen all at once. 


Here in this article, we have defined some best ways that show how to enjoy the monsoon season:


Have a look!!!


1: Go for long drives:


Monsoon season helps in bringing out the romance in all of us. So, one should go for a long drive with their special person or you might even go and enjoy yourself with your friends or family. 


During this rainy season, it gives you the best way to enjoy the monsoon and this will also turn out to be doing a lot of fun. It would also help in rebuilding the bonds with your friends and family and this will tend to miss out on during everyday routine. 


You should remember that the first monsoon downpour can last up to few days and after that, the rains start to slow and then only happens for a couple of hours.


In India, the rain is quite unpredictable and it could only happen in the morning or afternoon and there might be some days where it may not rain. 


Therefore, the best way to know if it will rain outside or not is to pay attention to how much humidity is in the air. If you see that there is humidity then it is more likely that it will rain outside.


Also, this season is best for growing Monsoon fruits and vegetables in IndiaSo, you enjoy this season by planning for an outdoor. 


2: Watch rainbow:


Rainbows have always been our favorite thing to watch. Also, it is one of the most beautiful and elusive natural phenomena. There is no doubt that while seeing the Rainbows in clouds can excite not only the children but the adults too. 


It is a visual treat that never fails to mesmerize, hypnotize and add life to the blue Monsoon skies. You will be amazed to know that the beauty of the rainbow gets multiplied when it has been viewed from a picturesque setting. Thus, rainbow hunting is also a good choice or it could be a great adventure and it can make a perfect date too. 


3: Gardening:

Do you know that when the rain comes it softens the earth and provides it an abundance of nutrients i.e. been required for the growth of plants in one’s garden? 


Also, the monsoon is the best season for trees to bloom and along with them it weeds and toxic plants can get removed from the soil in order to flourish. So, if you love to get your hands soiled then there is nothing better than grooming the gardens in the monsoon. 


4: Go for Bike rides:


For the ones who love to go for bike rides then it is the best season for the bikers to enjoy the monsoon. 

All you just need to take some precautionary steps like checking the bike’s grip, its wheels, and the function of its brakes and engine oil. Once you are done with all these steps then you are ready to go for a bike ride. 


You can enjoy the wind that comes on your face and it gives you the best feeling to enjoy this rainy season. Try to go for the city roads or country roads that you have been less travelled and enjoy your ride in monsoon season. 


5: Get yourself drenched in rain:


Monsoon season is indeed incomplete unless one can get completely drenched themselves in the rainy season from the top to the bottom. You should do it once during the monsoon season and see how it feels. 


The feeling that you get is fantastic and to multiply this feeling you can hang out with your friends or with someone whom you love the most. 


Also, the bond that you share with other people gets more tightened as you start getting wet in the pouring rain. So, why not try this method in this monsoon season and make ourselves more enjoyable by doing these crazy things. 


6: Play games like Football:


There are most of the games that one can play in the rainy season and one such game is playing Football. During this monsoon season, the rain starts to pump the blood of footballers and spectators. 


The dirt, soil, sweat all get amalgamate with each other and it creates the best experience for footballers on the ground. So, grab your football studs and head out your interest in this field and enjoy the game of rain. Also, the heavier the rain is, the greater becomes the charm of playing the game. 


7: Enjoy Masala Chai:


One can enjoy having Masala Chai during the monsoon season. Also, it is one of the best things to do in Monsoon in India. So, if you are ready to take a new feel then you must give it a try to have a Masala Chai. You can get a new experience in your life. 


When you go for a drive and the rain starts soaring then both your heart and body can feel the soul of rain. The best part is you can have with Chai some Bhajiyas from some street shop in order to warm your wet soul. 


8: Trekking:


In monsoon season you can get a chance to see the lush green landscapes and clouds kissing the mountains. It is one of the best experiences on foot. You can go trekking and enjoy seeing the beautiful mountains. 


Also, there are numerous trekking routes across the Himalayas region and the Western Ghats. However, most of the trek routes can be best enjoyed during this monsoon season with a spatter of rain and it also adds a hint to the symphony of nature while doing trekking. 

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