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It may seem more straightforward to prepare for a trip to the United States. After all, there is so much information about the country that many tourists leave the planning for later. However, a country so large and full of diversities deserves a lot of attention when organizing a trip.

New York, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, there are countless cities and tourist destinations to visit, each with its specificity. Therefore, it is essential to observe every detail.

To help, I have separated some tips here on the blog for those who are embarking for the first time to the Land of Uncle Sam, such as currency, vaccines, necessary documents, and tips on tourist destinations.

Have the American visa

To make any trip to the United States, it is mandatory to have a visa and know that it is very strict with the documentation. It is necessary to initially fill out the DS-160 form and immediately after paying the equivalent fee to apply for a visa.

With the voucher and form code in hand, you can schedule the interview. Then, it is necessary to collect the biometric data and, finally, the interview. To learn more about the topic, read the full post on how to get a visa for the United States.

There is no “script” at the time of the interview, but it is usually quick and to the point. The questions are usually: “What do you intend to do in the country?”, “How many days are you going to stay?”, “Have you traveled abroad? “What you do in Brazil? “, among others. If accepted, the average time for delivery of the visa is seven days.

Study the currency and exchange

As everyone knows, the official currency of the United States is the dollar, which is available in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills, in addition to 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents, and 1.

You can easily buy American currency at any currency exchange or bank in Brazil. The leading credit card brands are accepted in the country. Just activate to use them abroad.

The tip here is to find the best rates for buying dollars, easily verified by the Confidênce Câmbio website. The app makes exchange offices with cheaper rates close to you from your location.

Check the necessary vaccines.

Vaccines are not required to enter the United States, but keep an eye out if your flight has a connection. In some cases, as in Panama, it requires the vaccine.

* Note: Many countries require the yellow fever vaccine, including Australia, Barbados, Bahamas, Bolivia, Costa Rica, countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. Get the vaccine and provide the international certificate. Also, to learn more, read the post on getting the international certificate against yellow fever and discover the countries that require the vaccine.

Discover the food

Those who will travel to the United States and think they will only find fast food or junk food is very mistaken.

Of course, the country is among the champions in the ranking of high-calorie food. Still, due to the plurality of people who circulate in its large metropolises and small cities, there are restaurants and options for all tastes. Including, for the most natural as! California, in particular, has more healthy options.

Know the cell chip options

It is a fact that nobody wants to stay disconnected, not even during the holidays. I confess that I am addicted to the internet. It would be no different having a travel blog. Of course, it helps when we are at the hotel or restaurant (I even wrote a guide about wi-fi internet on the trip ), but I insist on having internet 100% of the time.

Learn how shopping and taxes work

Most people who travel to the United States take the opportunity to do some shopping, especially electronics, take advantage and see my tips for saving on purchases abroad.

An important observation for these people is that the value printed on the product label is not the final purchase price. This amount does not include taxes and purchase taxes, which are added to the product’s final value at the time of payment.

Rates vary by state. So, stay tuned if you are traveling through more than one state to find out where it is most worth buying. Also, search for Tax-Free… I talk about it in the article I indicated above.

Find out about the weather.

The USA is a country of continental dimensions. Because of this territorial extension, there is an incredible diversity of climates.

The southern tip of Florida is tropical. The climate is desert in the southwest, the Mediterranean on the California coast,tips and oceanic in Oregon and Washington. And there is Alaska, with a subarctic or polar climate.

So, what you take in your suitcase will depend on the time of year and which cities you visit. So, read about when to go to the United States and the best time to visit the country.

Travel within the USA

The country has an excellent transport system, and you can move between the states without too many difficulties. The best means of transport will depend on your route and the distance between cities. By the way, check out the post about the most beautiful cities in the United States.

As the country is vast, if you go to cities more distant from each other, the plane is undoubtedly the most suitable way. Among the most popular companies are Allegiant, Southwest, Jetblue and Virgin Airlines.

Study the official language

The official language is English, and the good news is that the English spoken in major American cities is straightforward to understand. After all, we are used to consuming a lot of American content through songs, movies, and serials.

 Trip to the United States

It is a fact that the United States is among the countries most coveted by Brazilian tourists, perhaps in the first place. The destinations are indeed incredible, the beaches of California and Miami, the Islands of Hawaii, amusement parks, and so many other places that deserve the attention of any traveler. You can book a flight from Manchester airport. Hire a Private trip to Manchester airport taxi.

There are endless possibilities, and I hope that the tips I publish on this travel blog are good reasons to inspire you and help you know the United States.

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