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Top 10 Family Destinations In New Zealand

New Zealand offers a range of options for travelers in the Top 10 New Zealand family destinations. Begin by selecting the areas most family-friendly in New Zealand. Recall, most vacationers in New Zealand have a 10-14 day duration. Where are the top ten families in New Zealand? Here is a selection of the major destinations for families and sample routes for you.


Top ten New Zealand Family Destinations


  1. Bay of Islands


The Bay of Islands is a great base for your family to enjoy. But if you stay less than two nights, you probably waste your time. So stay a minimum of 3-4 nights. So you have so much more time to sail, to walk on the dunes or to swim with dolphins. For both children and their parents, a day trip to Cape Reinga and Waipoua forest is a pleasant delight.


  1. Kauri trees and beaches with hot water


If you are small, the Coromandel will be a perfect alternative to the Bay of Islands. You just have to take less time and love the beautiful hot water beaches. There’s a great time to enjoy kayaking and snorkeling here. And do not forget the historic gold mining walks and forest walks in Kauri – great events for an engaged family group.



  1. Hobbiton Rotorua displays Culture and Agrodome


One perfect way to minimize travel time is to remain in the middle of North Island. The best spot for this is Rotorua. There are many big places of interest, including Canopy Tour, Hobbiton, Waiotapu, and Lake Taupo. The local Maori concert nights with families are unbelievably famous. These guys are so entertaining to learn about Maori cultures and practices.



  1. Kayaking, nature tours, and walks Abel Tasman/ Nelson


Abel Tasman is situated on the top of the South Island. This is maybe New Zealand’s most sunny spot! The great outdoor lifestyle makes it suitable for families. You’ve got lovely beaches now, kayaking and walking. now. The Tasman is a fabulous bike route and nobody has to be missed. If you’re not fit, you’ve got lovely e-bikes. The delicious seafood and wine are a huge attraction, of course. This region has everything – it’s a perfect place for art to prosper. This region has everything.



  1. For hot springs and bike routes, Hanmer Springs


Hanmer Springs is a great option when you arrive in Christchurch for one or two nights, but want to escape the area. The drive is only one hour and a half north of Christchurch Flughafen. You may have learned of its hot springs and enjoyable swimming pools. Local residents and tourists alike come here in order to treat spa and wellbeing. You should really think of something more soothing after a long flight.



  1. Lake Tour, flights, and maze Wanaka/Central Otago


Everybody’s heard about the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown, I suppose. However, Wanaka is just an hour’s drive from Queenstown. Now Wanaka is a little more ‘kiwi’ than occupied Queenstown, more local and smaller. We love the excellent access to Wanaka Lake and the Aspiring National Park of the Mount. The lake and the Buller River have 500 km of bike paths. The Wanaka River Journey is a must-do for more intervention. Local walks, 4WD tours, and sophisticated wine companies are also available. There is also a very large range of cafes and restaurants. Families are going to be right here at home!



  1. Wilderness Fiordland, fjords, and promenades


A magical, unfathomed and evocative region is the region of Fiordland. Take a trip into one of the quatorze fiords if you like the wilderness and remote areas. Your family will never forget this genuinely special location and certainly want Milford of Doubtable Sound to be on their journeys. Many walks are available from 15 minutes to hours, to satisfy most fitness standards. One of the classics, from Rainbow Ridge Bridge to Lake Manapouri, is on the Kepler Route.



  1. Island of Stewart – go back in time


The third major island in New Zealand is Stewart Island, and travelers appear to skip it. In reality, only 5% of visitors visit the site. This tiny and under-populated island is effectively a 1746 m2 national park and forest and solitude. But it’s a huge draw for families who want a real experience of nature. The bird’s life is the very best that you can find in New Zealand. Travel into the beach of Masons in a small plane and walk through the Chocolate Swamp… most children find it very attractive, right? Even Stewart Island would be a perfect choice if you wanted to show your children one of the last remote places on the planet Earth.



  1. The glaciers, skywatch, and drives of the Cook / Lake Tekapo mountain.


Mt. Cook and Lake Tekapo are a whole other landscape after all the beaches and rainforests. It’s impossible to beat when it’s a good day in the Hooker and Tasman Valleys. The night sky and sky-gazing are popular in this area as well. Light is really tiny, so you’re going to look at the heaven of diamonds. You can imagine that, with family travelers who want to see Jupiter and Saturn on the telescopes, Mt. John Observatory is a rumbling enterprise.



  1. Dolphin Bays and hidden Bays Peninsula banks


You will have plenty of time to go on a relaxing ride through the Peninsula banks when you leave Christchurch in the evening. Remember in a bay or go swimming or boating. Relax in a bay. The village of Akaroa is a small French village from past days. A family cannot complete its New Zealand journey any better!



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